6 Ways To Keep Your Development Team Motivated

Development can be a daunting task in itself – be it application or website for your business. Just like people, development has its own ups and downs through various moods. While the nature of this fact can make you frustrated, the employees lose their focus and productivity at this stage when you need it the most.

Instead of being frustrated about it, now is the time to take matters entirely into your hands by influencing the behaviour of your employees. Here are some of the ways in which you can do that:

  • Keeping the atmosphere positive:

Though some stress are beneficial, it is highly likely that during the critical times of development, the stress level of the team would exceed the healthy amount and would eventually fall into the trapdoor of their morale.

Stress can slowly start from the smallest conflicts and it would be best to keep an eye on those and resolve them before they can even begin. It requires both patience and social skills. Yielding the additional benefits of motivating the development team and also saving time on pointless bigger conflicts that are stopped they are given the chance to grow. Doing good things early is better than doing the same later.


  • Accepting and Promoting New Ideas:

If you have a good pipeline which would take your product to completion in no time, but there’s always room for improvement even though you have a good plan. Embracing new ideas and creativity by your team seems like a good start as that can make them feel empowered and also get a better workflow and this would boost productivity.


  • Being on the Same Page About Specifications:

It is difficult to pursue goals without fully understanding them and laying out your ideals in an imprecise and vague manner everyone would have a different vision of the final product. This may lead to many misunderstanding, conflicts and confusion. In the worst cases, your team can be working against each other, so it is crucial to learn the workflow to cut out all sorts of clogs and disregard in their minds for others. The best way to do so it is important to understand the visions of each other properly and would require a coherent vision and have an ability to share the same. So, as the leader it is an essential trait to learn the responsibility of motivating your development team.


  • Praising for Their Efforts:

Words are strange things and they are cheap and can have more of an effect than actual money. Let the employees feel needed, let them feel that you appreciate their efforts and cannot wait to see what other things they can achieve. Feed their need for good self esteem with your words and watching them become more optimistic and energetic. For this to work you need to do it on regular basis and convincing in your speech and body language and these skills can be learned through practice. Always choosing the parts of your employees’ work that actually deserve praise – be it in public that can further make your employees more confident and would feel like a reward.


  • Leading with Examples:

Care needs to be shown, as the enthusiasm for the project. So don’t abandon your team by leaving for home early or procrastinating at work. If you feel tempted to do so, employees might notice and would remember. People generally doesn’t respect those who can’t meet their own standards and therefore set the bar high by your own example.


  • Know Your Team:

Now everyone has weaknesses and strengths and spending a lot of time with them to get to know individually, you can have a good understanding of what they can do and operate at their strengths. Assign tasks to them that can help them excel. In this way, their task can be completed faster and better. Your employees would know that you understand them and would feel noticed and needed for what they have to offer.

For the long run, everything depends on the trust you have on your development team and with these few ways, the relationship and process flow would work effectively in your workplace. Good Luck!