Month: June 2017

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Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is a common term used in e-commerce marketing. It is the average rate of converting potential visitors to the site into regular, paying customers. A great way to enhance online revenue, the process is called conversion marketing optimization. This technique, further applied to Win Loss Analytics and Web Analytics, can be used for […]

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Google Play Store: A Haven For All Apps

The coming-of-age of smartphones has had a substantial effect on our lives and has certainly improved our lives. One such technological advancement is the ingenious combination of an applications store and Google. The Play Store! Google Play Store was first launched in 2008 under the name ‘Android Market’ in smartphones. In the year 2012, Android […]

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Siri Speaker at Your Command

In a statement that has overjoyed Apple lovers, the techno-giant has announced the production of its speakers which have been engineered to incorporate Siri, Apple’s AI. In an announcement made on 5th June, Apple Inc. welcomed HomePod, which uses an Apple A8 chip and comes plus with an enhanced technology. Supported by 7 tweeters in […]

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