Digital Marketing Automation- It’s Meaning And Benefits

We all would agree with the fact that digital marketing is the future of marketing. The present-age digital marketers are shuffling multiple social media handles, increasing their email campaigns and subscriber lists, focusing on content development and management, mobile marketing effort, and user behavior analysis. And it does not end here. After they reach the target audience through these channels, they analyze their performance to ensure that they are practical and useful.

Many times, the tasks included in a digital marketing campaign are repetitive and mundane for the marketer. For instance, sending follow-up or persuasive emails or publishing tweets for a marketing campaign. But fortunately, this process isn’t necessary anymore as the marketing and sale activities can be streamlined now with ease using what’s known as digital marketing automation.

What’s Digital Marketing Automation?

As the name suggests, digital marketing automation refers to using software platforms for organizations and marketing departments to better market on several online channels like social media, websites, email, etc., and automate repetitive marketing activities

These tools help marketers simplify and automate client communication and workflow by handling omnichannel online marketing approaches from one single tool.

As per a 2019 State of Marketing Automation survey by Social Media Today, 75 percent of the organizations utilize at least one marketing automation platform. Another study discovered that 40 percent of the companies, which are not utilizing any marketing automation platform, intend to adopt one such tool soon. As such, you’re in good company to get started with marketing automation.

Which Marketing Automation Processes Can Be Automated?

As a lot of marketing takes place online these days, marketers can automate multiple marketing processes, which includes:

  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Performance tracking
  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • Customer onboarding & retention
  • Marketing ROI measurement and much more

It would be best to pay close attention to the activities that consume a lot of your and your team’s energy and time. Those are the workflows you could consider automating.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation Tools?

There are many company-broad benefits of using a digital marketing automation tool, including:

  • Reduces workload and staffing costs:

Around 80 percent of marketers claim that they feel understaffed and overworked. As such, a marketing automation tool eliminates workload and stress from your employees’ plates and saves time, which, in turn, helps them focus their time and energy on other important tasks.
Besides, it also helps you save staffing costs as you won’t have to recruit as many employees to carry out marketing activities when all of this can be managed from a single platform.

  • Makes reporting easier:

Most of the marketing tools come with built-in reporting and analytics so that you could monitor the results of your activities and campaigns. These details would be time-consuming and challenging to gather manually otherwise, so having all the information readily available is a great advantage.

  • Better ROI:

Digital marketing automation tools, fortunately, offer positive ROI relatively quickly. They can automate upsells, cross-sells, and follow-ups that can boost the revenue and deal size. Around 76 percent of the firms generate an ROI within a year. What’s more impressive? About 44 percent notice a return on their marketing automation investment within only six months.

  • Offers more room for creativity:

As you don’t have to carry out the same manual tasks continually, you get ample time to concentrate on more creative work.


When we think of marketing automation, much attention is given to customer-facing strategies or activities. When your customer takes a particular action, it triggers a kind of marketing message or effort that gets sent to them.
But, it is also worth having a few of your internal work processes automated to help your company’s marketing team utilize their time efficiently- and this is where Auroinfo comes into the picture.
Auroinfo helps your team maintain all your marketing campaigns on track by offering the best digital marketing automation tools. We make sure to provide you with a complete comprehensive omnichannel customer engagement and retention platform, which boosts the customer lifetime value. Besides, it will also be simple for your team to access your marketing project’s high-level outlook or get down to particular milestones.