Case study of SD Global

SD Global

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SD Global Marketing Case Study

The Objectives

SD Global approached ArcWeb SMAC to redesign their page templates on their new website along with a content makeover for the same.

We were tasked with giving an entirely new look and feel to the website in both content and website design with added functionalities. We wanted to make sure that the visitors felt at ease throughout their time on the website, especially when they were looking for healthcare and hospital needs.

The objectives that the client had set at the beginning of the project are:

The Solution

We built the pages on a responsive framework and optimized each of them on the basis of correct SEO analysis. By reviewing the sitemap and user journey we were able to identify efficiencies and streamline the user experience. The CTAs across the site was improved to be clearer, moving above the fold, utilizing interactive widgets to encourage engagement with the user.

Since SD Global represents modern health care so we looked at the tone of voice knowing that the most effective brand copy style talks directly to its audience in a language they recognize, relate to and feel comfortable with. That was the key insight we required to provide all the information on the website and encourage customers to choose their essential healthcare needs. We ran predictive eye-tracking analysis across our new design which gave us further results and recommendations and allowed us to continually optimize, hone and refine the site to ensure a thorough and positive user experience.

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