Is email Marketing Still Effective in 2018?

In 2018, when there are limitless ways to reach customers, marketers and business owners is it worth it to opt for sending emails? Well, if you’re looking for a straight-away answer: YES! absolutely. It’s the best way to reach everyone individually – completely personalized.

Image Credits: MailCot
Image Credits: MailCot


In this article, we would share email marketing statistics that represent that how through this age-old marketing technique, you can expect bigger and better conversions than other techniques.

1. First things first, the statistics show that email marketing isn’t going anywhere in recent times since it is effective in terms of marketing techniques. After all we send more than 74 trillion emails every year and the numbers are rising steadily, with more than 1.8 million emails sent in 2017 according to the Communicator Email Benchmark Report 2017.

2. In 2018, it has been found that people send and receive around 281 billion emails per day in 2018, with expected 3.8 billion email users worldwide by the end of the year. In five years’ time, there would be even more email, the expected 333 billion emails sent.

But who’s using emails? It has been found that more than 85% of adults send or read email, it turns out. No, it’s not only older generation who are using these emails, despite of the rise of social messaging apps, 78% of teenagers use email. In fact they consider email as a “fact of everyday life.” Even we ourselves use 99% of us check emails everyday. That’s as many as 20 times a day.

Key Insight: No matter what age group that you’re targetting or where located, email is still a great way to reach your audience.

3. How do people check their emails – both on desktop and mobile. The largest number are using iOS as the mail client whether it’s on iPad or iPhone says Litmus. The next largest group use Gmail – reported more than one billion users. All the emails get delivered 98.3%

Key Insight: Emails reach most of the people they’re intended for, so email marketing remains as an essential part of your marketing strategy.

4.Email Marketing and Consumers: The statistics of email marketing strategies gives valuable insight. According to Adestra, consumers prefer email for communicating with brands they’re connected with. Email is also the dominant communication tool for professionals, around 95% of them use email – making it ideal for business to business communication.

DNA Insight says 53% of consumers say that it gets too many irrelevant emails from brands.

And with 17.3% of emails sent classified as spam according to Radicati Group research, it is easy to see how consumers could easily be put off by getting the wrong emails. It’s also easier than ever for consumers to fight back. Many report emails as spam if marketers don’t get the content and frequency.

Key Insight: Consumers have now power to get rid of the irrelevant emails they dislike. The only way to fix this is with smart personalization that goes beyond just using subscribers’ first names.

5. Email Marketers’ Opinion:

When it comes to email marketing software, marketers are spoilt for choice. It has been found that the relevance is a huge concern for them as well. DMA reports say that around 38% of marketers only some of the emails they send are relevant. Only 9% of marketers were confident that all the emails they send are relevant. That’s an issue, with consumers trashing irrelevant email. Content is a big problem for email marketers, since 25% of marketers have trouble getting content for their campaigns. As we know that the main ways to attract and retain the audience, finding ways to create good content has to be a priority for any marketer. According to the marketing experts, 1 in every 6 don’t test the effectiveness of their emails while 1 in 5 aren’t confident about testing says DMA Insight.

Key Insight: Email marketers agree with consumers about the issue of relevance in email marketing and this would become more important so there’s work to do.

6. Email Marketing ROI: The issue people wonder that which reaches more miles, whether it is email marketing or social media. According to reports, the chief marketing is 28.5% better than direct mail. Yet not convinced? The Chief Marketer says email marketing outperforms every tactics for lead generation while HubSpot states that it can improve sales.

Key Insight: Although the numbers may vary, the statistics agree that email marketing delivers excellent ROI. Find out the ROI of your own campaign by reading our guide on How To Measure the Effectiveness of Your Email Campaigns.

7. Email Marketing Benefits: What are the benefits of email marketing that is a must for marketers?

Remember how we said that consumers still like email? Turns out they use emails for shopping and finding deals. Some 45% of people redeem coupons via their mobile devices. And throughout this time, the email has managed to adapt and stay relevant.

One of the biggest reasons to use email is that various social media platforms come and go. Because of the shutdown of Vine, some people are still using MySpace. Therefore, when you build a list, you can use it for so many social activities. That’s why email is a better long-term proposition for connecting with the customers.

Key Insight: Email marketing has shown that it has the capability to evolve and is a must for staying relevant to the customers.

8. Mobile email Marketing: Mobile email marketing is crucial for every marketing strategy. Out of the one billion Gmail users, 75% of Gmail users use mobile devices, and iOS devices. So, if you’re targeting for a younger crowd: make sure to note that the younger generation are stuck to their smartphones – out of which 73% are teens and 81% of millenials use “inbox triaging” to decide how to handle their emails.

According to Adestra, 57% of younger consumers have an email address just for emails that they do not open!

Key Insight: Mobile email marketing has become mandatory. If you don’t conduct it – you miss out on a lot of things – connections, customers, leads, sales.


The article here says that email marketing isn’t dead rather very much alive and increasingly relevant for you to reach audiences across generations.

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