Google Plus is Dead, Personal Data of over Half-a-million Users Leaked!


Within a week of the ugly truth of the Facebook Personal Data Breach, now the victim is Google Plus, and this time too the threat was long known to Google and like Facebook, a lot of coverups were used to keep it all hushed up. But all hell broke loose on October 8, when The Wall Street Journal got hold of some official memos that contain discussions trying to fix the bug that has caused over 500,000 users to lose their several private data using 438 different apps.

According to Google:

  • The security bug was restricted to a really small number of Google+ profile fields marked as non-public, including name, email address, occupation, gender, and age.
  • The breach, according to Google did not include any other data that you may have posted or connected to Google+ or any other services like posts, messages, calendar, and other stored files.
  • This breach was discovered and patched back in March
  • Google can’t actually point to the affected users as it kept log data for only two weeks

Google + would remain operational till April, 2019. Though it might be sooner than later for using it for marketing purposes, there have been reports that Google plus’ network and reach has both reduced sometimes session timing up to less than five seconds. Google Plus is considered to be one of the biggest failures of Google. For all the small businesses in the market, while this news may come as a shock but Google will provide instructions to protect and preserve relevant files.

Here’s a rundown for what you can do:

  • Work on a plan to remove Google+ share / follow buttons from the website and blog.
  • The social activity on Google+ needs to be phased out such as sharing content and commenting
  • For running a community on Google+, plans are needed to migrate to a different platform. Facebook and LinkedIn groups are the obvious choices and the members are to be notified of the transition date.
  • If you already have a proprietary software application that works with Google data, becoming acquainted with Google’s new API and understanding data sharing policies.
  • Buck up on the sharing of content on the social media.
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