How User Behaviour Tracking is Your One-Step Mantra to Success

How User Behaviour Tracking is Your One-Step Mantra to Success

Websites are everything in today’s world. If you’re a huge brand, then your website should be as impressive as your brand name while if you’re a small business trying to get started then having a good website matters the most to you as it would be the first thing your customers would see. But, what if we say to you that there are ways to know whether your customers like your website or not?


You have recently revamped the design of your entire website which loads fast, easy-navigation and looks cool in the new interface. But how exactly to learn the differences – if the new pop-up that you added is actually making any conversions or not? Are the people viewing the latest image sliders that you posted? Well, we are here today to tell you about how the user behavior tracking can be done and how revolutionary its implementation can be.


No matter how nerve-wracking the work may be to observe and learn how your users are having the website experience but it does provide some very relevant insights. While, in recent times there are many tools that help understand the traffic, CTRs and other aspects of the website, but observation in the overall seems like a good way to go.





Perhaps the widely used and cost ineffective way, surveys can give a lot of helpful feedbacks and reviews that can go a long way in knowing exactly what the users are going through for the website but also for the products and services that you’re offering. Having said that, it’s also perhaps the most exploited tool when it comes to implementation. Often we see users discontinuing the newsletters or unsubscribing for notification mailers as it becomes too bothersome to them. So, if you’re thinking to track the user behavior it’s better to take care of the following points:


  • All the surveys and feedbacks should be unobtrusive and not clingy to the users

  • It is quick and relevant to make your customers give the honest feedback without even realising the time taken to do the same

  • The right time to ask for feedback is as important as having feedbacks itself since the users need time to go through the website fully before actually deciding on the overall experience


Here are a few tools that follow survey to track user experience:


1) Qualaroo:

Customizable and can be added to any page on your website or mobile app, this tool is great for tracking user behaviour starting at $199 per month.

2)  Satismeter:


Helps to collect net promoter score feedback on website, apps, and email – this starts at $49 per month limited to 300 responses.

Analytics & Thermal maps:


Analytics provide you with data that has been recorded each hour of a period of time and therefore helps you understand the growth better. Providing you with relevant information like clicking, bouncing off, converting, etc these tools takes you the depths of reports of each website and application.


1) Google Analytics

The easiest to set-up and manage the website pages, this is what comes across the mind when we hear about user behavior tracking. Now, there are many detailed reports regarding the visitors you have on the website each hour through Google Analytics and almost everything is for free. But with the premium version, you gain access to a dedicated team who would look into deeper aspects of your website through and through.

2) CrazyEgg


Popularly known for its heatmaps, this tool helps you know where exactly has been the main clicks on your website.

A/B Testing


If you want new content or new layout design for your website, this testing you shall opt for all the time. Netflix does its marketing in the same way to increase conversions, validate their assumptions on new content.


1) Optimizely

The first choice for tools using A/B Testing and through this tool, you can make a quick change to the pages and get an overall report about the response to the change. Basically, this tool is free for a month trial and then the plans are based on what features you want to choose.

Overall, A/B Testing is a great tool for understanding user behaviour when there are few products or services on board but when you decide to integrate more products or elements into the current system, A/B Testing isn’t that good to understand each of the same. In cases like these, User Testing can prove to be efficient.


Remote User Feedback


As simple as it sounds, this tool helps in knowing the overall experience of the user through various digital actions like through short videos, annotations or quick documents that is fast and reliable at the same time.


1) UserTesting

A tool that primarily is a crowdfunded platform where you choose the profile of your target audience and then see videos of them using your platform and for more videos, you can choose plans starting from $49.

 2) UsabilityHub


Now, this tool is widely favorite because of its unique set of tests – including the five seconds test in which the users are shown a five seconds video and take a test after the video ends on what they remember. ClickTest is another sort of test that helps to know the time required for performing a specific action on your site.

There are various other tools such as Loom – that is a free chrome extension which records live video while users browsing your website and other similar tools like Validately, zipBoard, etc.


Real User Playback Videos


What about the places your customers are getting frustrated on your website? What is making them go running with their tails between their legs from your website? These tools will break it down for you.


1) Fullstory

This tool is like a live webcam on your website that helps you see what exactly your users did as they landed on your page. The package starts from $199 per month where you can have as many as 25,000 live sessions.



UXCAM helps you make screen videos and user interaction data and use for your mobile apps – and it’s free for first 10,000 sessions.

All-in-one Tools


I know right? After reading all this, you might be wondering is there any tool that gives all or more than one features? Well, here are the tools that are an all-in-one package.


1) Usabilitytools

It comes with both user sessions and in-page analytics. The plans ranges from $19 per month for upto 10,000 sessions.

2) UserZoom


This app provides the best of all the tools – heatmaps, video sessions, surveys, clickstreams, UX metrics, etc , all in customized prices.



In the end we can say that it all depends on you in which way you want to track your user experience since there’s no single approach to do the same. These tools are designed keeping in mind the perspective of the user and the programmer that would help them both to bridge the gap for creating something that they both love!

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