LiFi Could Light up Your Internet Connection This Decade

LiFi Could Light up Your Internet Connection This Decade


In today’s world where internet is one of the basics required for individuals to survive in this world, there need to be more updated forms of connectivity than just a wireless device. Building on the same lines, researchers from UK’s UCL and Northumbria University have found that data transmission can take place through the light. Don’t worry, we mean it literally. Dubbed LiFi is the successor to radio wave based WiFi using light produced by special LEDs that would both send and receive data to and from devices.

According to Dr. Paul Haigh, the LEDs would be plastic, flexible devices that are inexpensive to make and are already in use in high-end smartphones, tablets and televisions. They believe that using light emitted by special LEDs, placed within a smartphone screen (acting as a LiFi transmitter) can be both eco-friendly and efficient at the same time.

Since light is less likely to be deviated by the radio waves, they also suggest that this technology can be used underwater and would be safe enough to be used within hospitals.

The researchers say that since the everyday usage of data is increasing exponentially in our everyday lives, in this way LiFi can use the existing lighting infrastructure to provide fast internet in the upcoming five to ten years.

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