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APP Development

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App Development is a significant branch in the world of Information Technology right now. The scene of setting up a platform for viewers and customers of various brands to use with a sense of ease is considerable.

The massive difference between an app and a program is that an app has an appropriate user interface and provides a lot more flexibility to itself as far as its usability is concerned. A program, be it offline or online, has a lot less to offer compared to an app.

In general, there are three types of apps such as:

Native Apps are the ones that we use on a daily basis. Any app that is specifically made for a single type of operating system is a native app. Native apps do not work on other operating systems. All apps on the Google Play Store or Apple Store are prime examples of it.

Next up are Hybrid Apps. These particular apps are created in such a way that they can work on any particular operating system. These apps are created with the help of HTML5, CSS, Javascript, etc.

And finally, we have the Web Apps, the ones leading the charts right now. These specific apps are stored on cloud storage where users don’t have to install anything. They just have to use a web browser and the internet to use the said apps.

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