Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Jewellery

Want to grow your jewellery business online? Digital marketing is the key to doing so. It is a crucial part of several companies’ marketing campaigns as it helps increase brand awareness and enhance your brand image.

A good digital marketing strategy will help scale up your customer base and elevate revenue and sales. Customers take note of brand promotion, and when you promote your business on different search engines, displays, and social media networks, customers are bound to get attracted to your products. For this reason, planning a good digital marketing campaign for your jewellery brand is significant.

Though several aspects contribute to a good digital marketing campaign for a jewellery brand, we have compiled the top ten digital marketing tips that form the foundation of a successful marketing strategy.

10 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Jewellery:

1. Develop a great website:

Developing a good website is one of the most important digital marketing tips to attract customers and increase your sales. Choose a clean and crisp website design that helps put your true brand story before the customers. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a good design should also offer a great user experience, helping convert a potential lead into a loyal customer. However, a splendid design should be backed with relevant content that helps keep the audience engaged.

You will also require numerous webpages on the site’s homepage that offer comprehensive details about your brand and products. Plus, the landing pages should act as eCommerce portals, highlighting a specific product lineup.

2. Don’t forget SEO:

In the present era, nearly every process – from purchasing a necklace that suits your outfit to choosing a classic jewellery piece that can be worn for every occasion – starts with a Google search. Hence, you must ensure that your digital marketing strategy includes SEO.

3. Create a strong social media presence:

Social media platforms play a crucial role today for every product-based business. The social media networks have advanced over the years, with a few of them (like Instagram and Facebook) even supporting eCommerce within the application itself. Therefore, it is more important than ever for business owners to leverage the social media networks and the advertising and sale opportunities they are offering today.

Design innovative social media marketing campaigns to develop brand awareness, promote your jewellery and engage with followers.

4. Write captivating content:

Content plays an essential role in every digital marketing strategy. It helps draw customers’ attention and sell your products/services to them. Whether for your business website or your social media handles, concentrate on developing captivating content that makes your target audience take action and make the purchase decision.

Besides website and social media content, blogging is yet another effective digital marketing technique you can focus on. Jewellery brands should feature informative blog posts with embedded videos, creative info-graphics, and appealing images that help keep the readers engaged. Leverage influencer marketing:

5. Leverage influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques, where the influencers recommend their most-loved products/services to their fan following. Several blogging marketers and lifestyle influencers can make their followers buy from their suggested brands due to the faith people have in them.

Therefore, you can recruit influencers to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. They help create a positive brand image and explain the various benefits of buying your jewellery to the followers, leading them to make the purchase decision. However, it is significant that you hire influencers having a good number of followers.

6. Positive feedback and reviews:

Receiving positive reviews from customers or clients is an incredible insight for jewellery brands and an amazing digital marketing strategy for a jewellery business. Hence, ask your clients or customers to describe their experience with a good review.

When people read positive reviews about a brand, they are more likely to purchase from your store. Positive reviews increase traffic toward your store and website. Besides, you could even add these reviews to your site as testimonials. Ratings and reviews are always advantageous to a business.

7. Use PPC ads:

PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are another essential digital marketing tip to consider while planning your marketing campaign. Using PPC helps narrow confine and be specific on targeting, coupled with where, when, and to whom you want your advertisements to be shown.

You’ll gather data and examine your campaign’s success rate and can only pay for the no. of times a person clicks on your advertisement instead of paying for the impressions.

8. Email marketing:

Emails are an incredible way to stay connected with people who’ve shopped from your jewellery store or just visited the store. They help turn people who’ve already shopped at your store into loyal clients, thus strengthening the trust and bond they share with your business.
Hence, email marketing needs to be included in your online marketing campaign for your jewellery brand

9. Keep your GMB Listing updated:

Every business owner wants to grab the attention of high-paying clients and customers, which is where GMB (Google My Business) helps immensely. In the digital world, each online business owner should have their product/services in GMB – if a person searches the web for jewellery, Google displays your store to them.

It’s the first step you should complete before initiating your digital marketing strategy, as that will drive more customer visits to your store by giving them directions. The GMB listing would also help grab more traffic to your website.

10. Re-targeting:

Leverage the re-targeting tactic, an online advertising technique which re-targets or follows visitor’s post they browse your website. It promotes brand awareness and makes customers think of it. You could also send messages to them once they’ve added products to their cart without making a purchase, and it acts like a reminder to them.

Wrapping Up:

Hence, these are the top ten digital marketing tips you must consider in marketing for jewellery. Jewellery business owners shouldn’t overlook the power of digital marketing. It’s a necessity in today’s world and a worthwhile investment that’ll give you great returns.

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