Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for a Successful Dental Business

Do you already have or plan to open a new dental clinic but are clueless about promoting it? Well, as per the latest statistics, more than 37 percent of dental clinics find it difficult to capture the right leads and traffic. And, with more than 77 percent of the patients now using the web to look for a reputed dental clinic, it has become crucial for dentists to leverage digital marketing and get themselves noticed.

Digital marketing for dentist is ideally not different from any other types of digital marketing strategies. It includes researching prospective clients, knowing their needs and wants, performing SEO, and bringing in clients in an efficient and fast manner. But there are certain important factors that you need to remember while conducting online dental marketing.
This blog will look at five crucial digital marketing strategies for running a successful dental business. So, let’s dive in.

1. Conduct local SEO

In simple words, local SEO involves optimizing your online ads and dental website to attract local patients. It is the foundation of an effective digital marketing strategy for dentists. After all, everyone likes to visit a healthcare provider close to their location. However, not all dental clinics offer the same services and facilities. You might be offering particular services to clients or using certain technologies or tools that the rival clinics don’t.

But remember, the majority of the prospective clients are unaware of the deep-rooted details of particular dental methods or procedures. It does not matter to them if you are a world-renowned dentist for root canals or using a high-end sterilization technique than the rest.

Instead, many clients look for local dentists. All they want is a friendly neighborhood dental clinic that would treat them as well as their family members with compassion and care. So, emphasize this aspect in your dental marketing strategy. Brand your clinic as a local, friendly dental service provider, and people eventually will trust you.

2. List your business on online directories and maps

Another significant aspect of digital marketing for dentist involves listing your dental clinic on business directories as well as mapping services online. Google Maps, unquestionably, is the most popular business directory available out there.

About 70 percent of the mobile phone owners utilize Google Maps daily. But there are many other free business directories online, too, that you can try. To increase your dental clinic’s local following, you can check CitySearch, CitySquares, Apple Maps Connect, Google My Business, and others.

You could also embed a Google map on your dental business website to make it easy for people to locate your clinic.

3. Leverage organic social media

Digital marketing for dentist will be incomplete without organic social media. Basically, organic social media includes all free features that a social media platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter offer to its users. Making a Facebook business page, putting up images or status updates, tweeting daily- all of these are kinds of organic social network marketing.

Additionally, with more people using Facebook nowadays to know things such as the open hours of a business or the existing services, ignoring social media will imply missing out on a key free online advertising medium. Hence, even before you plan on making your dental business website, create its Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. Ask your family and friends to follow that page. Start with baby steps and build your social media standing gradually with time.

4. Use paid social media

Every business needs to use paid social marketing in the present digital era. As people spend most of their time on Twitter and Facebook, paid social media marketing can help reach out to them. Several social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others, sell ads.
Instagram offers display ads, Twitter does short-form advertisements, while Facebook does it all. In fact, PPC or pay-per-click ads are likely the most affordable social media marketing tactic for a medium- or small-dental clinic.

5. PPC advertising

PPC advertisements are an incredible and cost-effective digital marketing strategy to capture more leads. The majority of the traditional advertising channels charge by the size of the ad displayed. Whether on TV, print, or online, one can pay through impressions. However, PPC ads are different as they charge for the number of times a human user clicks on your advertisement. And that has two key benefits:

  • You have to pay only for the results: There is generally no minimum fee, which allows you to spend money as per your convenience on the PPC ads.
  • Free-of-cost publicity: Though you have to pay for the clicks, the impressions, in return, are completely free. Your clinic will receive a few good free-of-cost publicity across social media channels.

Many social media channels facilitate PPC advertising. So, make sure you identify them and leverage PPC advertising in your ongoing or upcoming digital marketing strategy.


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