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How Google Secures Web: All HTTP pages marked ‘Not Secure’

According to the official blog page of Google, Chrome Security Product Manager, Emily Schechter posted how July 2018 will begin […]

The Wrongside of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the earliest ways of promotion known to the internet-mankind. It is fool-proof, convenient, quick and […]

Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is a common term used in e-commerce marketing. It is the average rate of converting potential visitors to […]

Google Play Store: A Haven For All Apps

The coming-of-age of smartphones has had a substantial effect on our lives and has certainly improved our lives. One such […]

Siri Speaker at Your Command

In a statement that has overjoyed Apple lovers, the techno-giant has announced the production of its speakers which have been […]

Trending on INSTA- #Add More Followers!

You ask a five-year old who his best pal is, he’ll give you a name. But ask the same thing […]

Google V/s Facebook: What’s better For Your Ads?

Social media has been on an upward slope consistently for a while now. Earlier the world wide web was a […]

‘App’lying Business Tactics: The Necessity of a Mobile App

In the past decade, mobile apps have grown from insignificant add-ons to a fundamental enterprise. There were times when Google […]

Google Ad-words too Complex for Small Business

Google has finally acknowledged the complexity of and challenges posed by AdWords in connection to small-businesses. A recent statement released […]

Top 5 Ad Network for Publishers

In general sense when one speaks of online digital advertisements, Google Adsense invariably pops up in mind. So much so […]

Explainer Videos: Whats and Hows

With the coming of age of popular websites like Youtube, Vimeo and Netflix, the standard appetite for videos has risen […]

Online Contests: Bonding and Boosting Business Together

A hundred years ago, a person peeking into the future would have been shocked into silence. The 20th century man […]