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Google Limits the Number of Search Results Per Domain to Have More...

When it comes to successful keyword strategy, there are several unique pieces of content and web pages that you can create with a single keyword query. This would help your website’s authority online and then slowly move its way up for the more competitive core keywords. From a marketing perspective, stepping back and thinking about […]

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How to instal SSL on XAMPP and make a website secure with...

XAMPP, ideally a developer’s tool is seldom used to host a real website. But there can be situations otherwise, when you would want to host a real website on XAMPP. The challenge comes when you want to install an SSL certificate and make the website work with https. While there are simple steps to install […]

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7 Hacks How Big Brands Create Content and Whip it Awesome {Infographic}

Okay, so you’ve tried everything when it comes to creating ‘effective content’. From reading the most helpful blogs for writing great content to implicate strict deadlines to retain consistency for your brands – but still, something seems to be off about it, as you look back. This Holiday Season as you sit back and relax […]

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6 Ways To Keep Your Development Team Motivated

Development can be a daunting task in itself – be it application or website for your business. Just like people, development has its own ups and downs through various moods. While the nature of this fact can make you frustrated, the employees lose their focus and productivity at this stage when you need it the […]

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Samsung Beats Apple in Worlds’ Smartphone Market, Huawei Comes Second

The results are out! The global smartphone shipments are over 386.8 million units in the third quarter this year, declining more than 3 percent annually. But the Chinese players OPPO, Xiaomi and Vivo reached their highest ever shipments in a single quarter, according to the new report said on Friday. Samsung leads the smartphone market […]

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What To Post This Holiday Season For Best Results

  It’s almost November and 2019 is just around the corner! But before the holidays begin for the year, you need to analyse and cease the opportunity to give your audience the kind of posts they would want you to post. After all, it is during these times that online sales see the largest increase. […]

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Facebook’s Worst Security Breach in History, 50 Million Accounts Or More Hacked

Things aren’t going good at all for Facebook as last night over fifty million Facebook users have been exposed to ID fraud after the biggest ever cyber hacking in history. Facebook INC. went on record to say that hackers were able to access accounts on an unimaginable scale because of a certain security issue that […]

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Cloud computing – Solution For Big Data Problem

Big Data, a technology that can’t be termed into a single definition as there are still many things that are left to be explored in the genre. Be it from hospital records to the ever-increasing government archives – this technology has always been available for companies, businesses and various types of institutions. And with the […]

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Facebook Introduces New Feature of Recommendations – Move Over Google?

  The future of Facebook marketing many businesses and brands remain undecided and the social media giants transform businesses and customers, interacting with their platform. Once you’ve searched for your favorite brand on Facebook you would be caught off-guard and confused. Amidst all these scandals, Facebook is quietly testing new rating systems for business pages […]

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How Proper Data Feed Helps Your Shopping Campaign

As soon as we type a product name into Google there are around as many as 10 pages that come in little boxes right at the front with different prices that are on different e-Commerce websites. These are shopping campaigns that are great for e-commerce sites. But what exactly goes into creating these shopping campaigns. […]

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7 Common Problems Faced By e-Commerce Businesses

  Since the outbreak of e-Commerce websites on the internet, it has been the brightest star in the sky. According to the reports in 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchase goods online and the global e-retail sales amounted to 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars and projections show a growth of up to 4.48 trillion […]

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5 Benefits of Google Search Console

Google Search Console or formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool was launched in 2006 with an aim to help various website owners in creating seo-friendly websites. It is a free service that is vastly used by owners all across the world to understand in achieving higher search results and monitor many essential functions for your […]

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