SMAC - A Concept Bringing Together Business and Innovation


People's Interests, Our Commitment.

Social data includes information harnessed from the user activity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, etc. The data is gathered regarding user interests, likes, events they attend, family demographics all of which will be gleaned to produce structured data that helps in further analysis and future social media campaign. In terms of SMAC, the Social data is studied along with Mobile data and therefore better analyzed.


The Fastest Way to Communicate with Anyone on the Planet

Mobile devices are the cornerstone of how new businesses are being built. Mobile devices allow users to constantly keep their profile updated, keep track of deals and promotions, and track locations and buying habits by virtue of connecting to available options such as wireless signals and devices. From the data collected from mobile activity of users, a detailed report can be prepared about user interests, demographics, geography, likes, dislikes, etc. which along with social media data can provide detailed analysis which helps in effective digital marketing.


The game of numbers trump everyone else.

With the increase in the dependence on IT, the databases worldwide has been growing into gargantuan proportions. The advanced processors have become capable of processing millions of bytes of data within minutes or seconds. Analytics here plays a very vital role in making meaning out of the unstructured data and processing them to give out comprehensive reports. It can establish links between platforms and give out smart and intelligent predictions about future customer behavior based on their past performance as well as interests.


Safe and secure storage options in a vulnerable environment.

The cloud in SMAC is the primary section since it has the capability to spin up large amounts of data within seconds. Competent cloud service providers make sure of the data security. The service is mostly on a pay-as-you-go model and charge only on the space usage or may be also be billed in a time-bound manner. With the growth in the size of business and hence the information, they don’t need to spend too much on dedicated data warehouses anymore. They can take up or stop using cloud services as per their requirement time to time.