Social Media Posts and Campaigns

Social Media Posts and Campaigns

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A good social media campaign for a great audience

Social Media Posts and Campaigns

80% of the posts fail on Social Media because of poor strategy and buildup.

With billions of people active on Facebook every minute, it has become the most powerful social media advertising platform in the world. But just like every other good thing, there’s a downside to this as well. To succeed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other similar platforms, brands and advertisers need to understand the perception of the audience and drive organic user engagement in order to make most of the businesses.

At ArcWeb, we know exactly how things work and the right time that helps us create a magnanimous footprint of your brand online.

Our Process

Social Media Posts and Campaigns

Step 1

Assigning of an experienced social media manager for your account

Step 2

Developing a Real-time Campaign Strategy

Step 3

Creation of engaging posts, campaigns and advertisements

Step 4

Monitoring of ads and optimization

Step 5

Continuous Reporting and Communication
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