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How Apple is Developing Breakthrough Technology to Transform Health Industry

Apple has been making heads turn with its healthcare targets and we have been told the same by the increasing number of medical professionals in the staff. Hiring more than 40-50 doctors in the last few years, the majority of them haven’t disclosed anything about their positions in the company. But according to insiders, they […]

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2019: Will it Be the Dawn of Breakthrough Technology?

It’s almost the closing of 2018 and we can’t help but think of the new advancements this year with new optimism and ambiguity revolving around how emerging technologies and innovations in networking would impact the bottom lines of the same. While there’s a widespread adoption of connected devices, automated networking processes and other next-gen technologies […]

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LiFi Could Light up Your Internet Connection This Decade

  In today’s world where internet is one of the basics required for individuals to survive in this world, there need to be more updated forms of connectivity than just a wireless device. Building on the same lines, researchers from UK’s UCL and Northumbria University have found that data transmission can take place through the […]

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Smartphones Running on Android Pie are Facing Battery Issues

There have been a lot of excitement going on for Android Pie and was officially launched in August and came with a promise for an improved battery life for the smartphones. But since its launch, Reddit, Google Product Forum and Google Issue Tracker users have been complaining of the battery drain. Though there have been […]

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What is the Next Generation of Digital Marketing

Recently Digital Marketing has become dynamic and challenging, given the variable conditions in the digital space. Once upon a time, only attractive billboards at the top of the roof generally did all the work, but now thanks to technology this has also changed forever for good. Not only has the medium of advertisements changed, but […]

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Google To Launch its’ Shopping Tab’ in India – In Talks With...

  Though this maybe a war that Amazon has won and is now leading the e-commerce platform, leaving others to banter over the scraps left in its shadow. If you’re an e-commerce retailer you have to make it a point to sell on Amazon. In this war, clearly Google is swept off by Amazon. With […]

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Google Plus is Dead, Personal Data of over Half-a-million Users Leaked!

  Within a week of the ugly truth of the Facebook Personal Data Breach, now the victim is Google Plus, and this time too the threat was long known to Google and like Facebook, a lot of coverups were used to keep it all hushed up. But all hell broke loose on October 8, when […]

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How to Rank Better in 2018?

Though it is hard to elaborate non-SEOs to rank a webpage, with an increasingly complicated field one needs to understand that for a wide variety of detailed subjects. Here’s a checklist of how to make it to the top rank on the Google Analytics page to pull the maximum traffic to the website. Easy Accessible […]

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Happy 10th Anniversary, Android!

Back in the days, when things were simpler in 2008, the first ever phone that stood against Apple’s iPhone and it was called Android, and it is still called the same. However, few people knew then that it would introduce a world full of possibilIties. Having survived the past 10 years and evolving into a […]

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Beware! Why is Slow Loading Speed a Website Killer?

A topic that has recently been something everyone wants to talk to. Why is there a sudden interest in the website loading speed? Well, the answer to it is that is because Google says so. Yes, Google is changing a lot of things around the web and Site Speed is something it is consistent with. […]

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Is email Marketing Still Effective in 2018?

In 2018, when there are limitless ways to reach customers, marketers and business owners is it worth it to opt for sending emails? Well, if you’re looking for a straight-away answer: YES! absolutely. It’s the best way to reach everyone individually – completely personalized.   In this article, we would share email marketing statistics that […]

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India Gets its’ First Drone Policy: Things You Need to Know About...

  On Monday, 27th August the Ministry of Civil Aviation announced guidelines for remotely piloted aircrafts – drones that would come into effect from 1 December, aiming to rise opportunities in the Indian Civil Aviation Sector. The “Drone Regulations 1.0” in New Delhi, Suresh Prabhu – the Civil Aviation Minister said that these guidelines shall […]

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