Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We Help You Define WHAT to Measure and HOW to Use it!

Data is the currency of the Information Age. Data from all walks of life is insanely important in picking the right target and aiming for it with pinpoint precision and effective steps. Auroinfo has found the nexus between promotional activities and using data with evolving techniques.

Translating data into business objectives. Maximizing the insights to gain competitive advantages. Using data-based decision making to form confident and innovative strategies. Investing our time, minds and creative energy to go through the data to implement several progressive data modelling techniques. Finally, through careful customization and configuration, Auroinfo generates reports faster for quick analysis by our team to deliver infallible results.


Processing and Configuration

Configuring the fastest way of quick analysis of generating reports and formatting the same.

Data Analytics

Harnessing the full potential of analyzing the quantitative and qualitative data. Both the datas give numerical and analytical results.

Customer Analytics

Understanding the customers' behaviour through in-depth market segmentation and predictive analysis to identify, attract and retain target audience.

Competitive Intelligence:

By tracking markets across the world, the analytics helps in learning and measuring the right competition to improve the digital marketing.

Experimentation and Testing Analytics

A/B Testing, Quantitative Analysis are some of the ways that determine the best versions of the webpage to perform better.

Building The Campain Strategy

Case Study

Insert a meaningful line to evaluate the headline.

Walt Disney Studios


Through competitive analysis and A/B Testing, the client was looking for innovative ways to transform the brand perception for the target audience.


The brand identity, tone of voice and associated assets needed to complement brand reputation and represent their professionalism and expertise. Through continuous data analysis about the interests of the target audience and valuable insights provided by the data, we created Brand Guidelines and Brand Tone of Voice to help define and explain who Walt Disney Studios are, what they stand for and how we were to communicate their brand.

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