5 Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know About In 2021

Gone are those days when one could afford to ignore the internet. We are in a completely new era now. If you genuinely want to run a successful business, you’ll need a robust digital marketing plan first; an approach that uses SEO to drive more traffic, leverages social media platforms and uses the available media marketing options out there effectively.

When talking about digital marketing, certain things play a significant role, just like the tools a digital marketer uses to get their work done. These incorporate everything starting social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook to designing tools like Canva. Digital marketing tools help marketers create, evaluate, and measure their digital marketing campaigns effectively and quickly.

Listed below are five standard online marketing tools you need when you begin a business. You might already know a marketing tool or two mentioned below; others may be unfamiliar to you. But each of these marketing tools would help you gain that success and competitive edge that you’re after.

So, are you all set to leverage digital marketing and grow your business?

Then let’s get started.

Social Media Channels:

Social media channels such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are an incredible way for digital marketers to reach their audience and create a whir around their company. Apart from the usual features that these channels offer, you’ll find some other features as well that are specially designed for online marketing. One such feature is the Facebook Ads Manager that allows digital marketers to track their ad performance. Additionally, tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer, which are meant to manage social media platforms, integrate well with these channels, making it convenient for the marketers to schedule their social media posts and track engagement.

Content Marketing Tools:

The marketers who focus more on the content marketing aspect, tools such as HubSpot and CoSchedule, can help in content development and curation. These tools can help a marketer identify a content opportunity and write engaging social media posts and blog posts that resonate with the audience.

Analytics tool:

The other set of useful tools for marketers is the analytics tools. One of the best examples here would be Google Analytics and analytics tools for your social media page, such as Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights, which offer metrics associated with engagement and help the marketers optimize their marketing campaigns. Additionally, there are tools to measure statistics on a website’s backend, such as Periscope, that monitor conversion metrics, site searches, and user data.

Design Tools:

Design is a crucial part of online marketing and is common when creating advertisements and content, such as blog posts and social media posts. Hence, initiating an excellent digital marketing campaign would not be possible if you don’t use useful design tools such as Photoshop and Canva. These two are some of the best digital marketing tools for designing as they allow those who don’t have considerable graphic design talent to add creative designs to their work.

Email Marketing Tools:

Last but not least, the other set of digital marketing tools that marketers rely on are email marketing tools. These tools help them develop email campaigns that magnify their content and motivate their audience to engage more with the respective brand- through additional steps such as subscribing to events and purchasing products. The standard tools for email marketing include Iterable and MailChimp that help marketers create and automate their email campaigns. Moreover, these platforms also offer analytics for each email marketing campaign, making evaluation and optimization easy and quick.


As there is such a broad range of digital marketing tools available, it’s imperative to determine which one will drive the best results. Furthermore, you also need to make sure that you use the correct tools at the proper time. However, if you are struggling to create an online marketing solution that helps grow your business, get in touch with Auroinfo today. We use tried and tested marketing tactics and tools that drive incredible traffic and better your business ranking on search results. Let our experts create an online marketing plan that makes 2021 a promising year for your company’s growth and success.

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