Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills To Master In 2021

The New Year is right around the corner! With marketing getting all the more challenging and digital marketing gaining more relevance, there is much more to learn than ever. Hence, as a digital marketer, it’s essential to increase your skillset to serve your clients better and stay ahead in the competition.

Here, in this blog, we will be covering the top 10 digital marketing skills you must master to become successful in the present landscape- whether you wish to boost your career or business or both.

Ten Digital Marketing Skills You Need In 2021

Writing Skills:

It’s imperative to have a good foundation if you wish to become a digital marketer. And part of this foundation involves being skilled or gifted in writing. Whether it’s the tags and titles, meta descriptions and body, you’re writing to sell and convert.

Hence, as a digital marketer, you should be good at different content creation/marketing facets. You can grow in your career only if you know what makes up great content and converting low-quality troubleshooting content into a good-quality one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills:

Ranking your site on a higher position in search results boosts its credibility and incoming traffic. SEO is an analytical and technical field that needs an expert who understands how search engines’ algorithm works and how content will link to a specific search result.

As a digital marketer, you should master the balance between good SEO and producing content that adds value to people’s lives. You should know how to handle various algorithm factors well, starting from managing cookies to mobile responsiveness, bounce rates and more.

Content Marketing skills:

SEO isn’t simply enough to bring traffic to your website. You need to have high-quality content as well for doing that.

Therefore, one of the other critical digital marketing skills you need to have is a content that helps convert- be it for videos, websites, social media and other channels. As a digital marketer, you need to produce and optimize quality content that drives the target audience to engage with.

Web development skills:

Each business wants to have a robust online presence as that’s where the majority of their users are. Besides, the pandemic has further resulted in the increased significance of having a website.

As such, one of the most demanded digital marketing skills that you should have in the present rapidly growing digital world is website development. You should know how to create as well as maintain a website. Moreover, if coding appeals to you, the world is looking out for candidates like you.

Video production skills:

Video content is popular these days. Good, high-quality video content has the ability to attract customer attention and can be used to market and grow businesses and brands.

Hence, as a digital marketer, video production is another skill that you must have. As the video content plays a significant role in SEO, you should know to curate videos at least. Gradually, you must also learn how to develop original high-quality video content.

Email Marketing skills:

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It offers reliable, consistent and high conversion rates and can also prove to be great for getting new leads.

It would be best if you learned how to develop email campaigns that can pass your target audience down the sales funnel and get back old customers. Learn the skill of creating email outreach strategies.

Analytics skills:

Analytics is a significant part of technical digital marketing skills. There are piles of data available, and it’s not of any use of it isn’t analyzed and utilized to its full potential.

Analytics lets you know if the campaign was actually a failure or a success, what changes you need to make in your plan, and how you can gain a bigger audience base. It helps you identify any issues in the sales funnel by streamlining them. Hence, you should have the ability to evaluate data and spot trends by using different tools and turn them into actionable step.

Marketing Automation skills:

Marketing automation is yet another aspect that is more on the software and technical side of digital marketing. It boosts the whole sales funnel because it develops a bigger user base as well as spreads awareness about the company.

As a marketing automation expert, you will use and optimize software for automating marketing activities. It helps spots potential leads and customers as well as automates the procedure of getting them converted. You can do this through email marketing, website notifications, pop-ups, etc.

Design skills:

Even if you’re not a professional designer, learning the design basics won’t hurt. All digital marketing skillset you possess will be futile if you are dependent on a professional designer.

So, to learn the basics of design, you could try out some tools like Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You could also enrol in a digital design course and learn advanced design formats like UI/UX, etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) skills:

Your digital marketing campaigns might be pulling tremendous traffic, but are they helping to convert? Traffic means nothing if the prospects don’t convert. So, instead of depending on traffic without conversions, it’s better to have just a few quality leads that could convert.

As a digital marketer, study CRO and concentrate on the target audience as well as sales goals. Your strategies should be able to connect well with the audience and drive them to know further about you, eventually leading them to turn into customers.


Digital marketing is an increasingly competitive field, but you can enjoy a fruitful online journey with persistence, initiative, confidence, and hard work.

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