Why should you hire an Amazon account management service?

Did you join the incredible Amazon marketplace only to find yourself grappling in competition? You may have given your 100% since day 1 to grow your business, but still, does it seem that your rivals are always one step ahead of you? You might have tried to determine what you likely lacked in or missed, but still, everything looks out of control, does it? Well, don’t fret and give up so early!

There are dedicated professionals who can assist you when you think you can’t handle your Amazon account independently. And that might be a signal that you require help from a reputed Amazon account management service.

However, different businesses follow different tactics, so let us get started with this first. What is the role of the account manager? Can an Amazon account manager help you stay ahead of your competitors? How can you know if you have hired the right professional for the job? Here, in this article, we will answer all these questions.

Who is an Amazon account manager?

The Amazon account manager assists you in setting up, planning, and executing a good eCommerce campaign on Amazon. The professional help you with any queries you have related to your Amazon account and provides expert advice. After you communicate your business objectives, the manager develops a strategy and aids you in achieving your goals.

As per Amazon, the account managers generally hold about 12-15 accounts. That number was calculated considering the account manager’s ability to concentrate on every account as well as ensure that they can help you meet your business aims.

What is the role of an Amazon account manager?

Helps you in getting started on Amazon:

Having an Amazon account manager can be extremely beneficial for you when you are just starting. You may not have knowledge about the vast Amazon marketplace or how Amazon ads work. So, having a professional describe how things actually work helps. First, the manager will talk you through how to create an Amazon account, and then you’ll be asked to communicate specific business details like type, preferences, goals, and more.

Setting up Amazon listing and management:

That involves taking care of Amazon listing optimization that comprises tasks to help your product rank higher in search results. It is also important to understand how the Amazon’s algo works, using relevant keywords and leveraging Amazon Marketing Services to achieve a good product ranking.

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The premium service of Amazon account management also includes optimizing for the search engines of Google and Amazon. That way, you could rank on the two prominent platforms.

Product launch preparation:

An Amazon account manager makes sure you have all the things ready before the much-awaited launch of your product. They ensure that the Amazon Marketing Services are running well and supervise the inventory, so you always have enough stock for the buyers.

Help you Plan Out Comprehensive Strategies

As explained earlier, the Amazon account manager makes an eCommerce tactic based upon your business goals. That tactic or strategy helps you to learn about the opportunities and gaps to expand your eCommerce brand.

If you already have a business plan, you can talk about it with the Amazon account manager to get better insights. The manager ensures that all the actions carried out from this stage help bring you close to your business goals. If you are a complete newbie in the Amazon marketplace, you don’t have to worry much now with the assistance of an account manager.

Look for the right professional for the right issue

An Amazon account manager generally works with a team of professionals who specialize in other distinct areas, like optimizing Amazon ads, reputation management, content marketing, and more. Besides directly assisting with just the account process, the managers also serve as an important link, connecting the seller to other Amazon specialists. So, if someday you have any concerns or doubts regarding other aspects of the Amazon marketplace, you know whom to seek help from.

Give you Account Recommendations and Updates

Regular updates and monitoring can be challenging if you try to do everything by yourself. Having an Amazon account manager gives surety that someone will monitor your daily goals and progress. These are checked regularly to ensure you have proper control over your strategy. You could discuss your goals or viewpoints with your Amazon account manager monthly or also hold additional meetings if required.

The account manager also extends expert suggestions on crucial areas of your business plan. Some of these include:

  • Account health
  • Fulfilment
  • Selection
  • Inventory
  • Advertising
  • Conversion growth
  • International expansion
  • Shipping management

Are Vendor Account Managers Different?

The vendor account managers generally look after choosing the inventory as well as managing orders.

  • An Amazon vendor account manager is a busybody. They work on several categories with strict deadlines and extended hours, which is important for you to understand.
  • Their main goal is the development of strategies to create a strong relationship with the collaborator.
  • A successful margin target and increase in sales make the primary factors to show what benefit they can offer you.

An Amazon vendor manager is seen more like a traditional collaborator. Meanwhile, a seller account manager is an option that’s worth choosing.


As you might have understood by now, working with an account manager could benefit your company in several ways. These experts are guaranteed professionals who can assist you in concerns you have related to Amazon account management. However, keep in mind that you, too, have your own set of responsibilities and ethics as the seller.

Though the manager is willing to guide you in anything, they also have expertise in particular areas. So, you need to cooperate reasonably. Develop a good bond with the professional to have a successful e-commerce business together.

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