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Finding a good web development company for your business is a real task today. More so, when the websites are filled with technical jargon and demand has completely outstripped the supply. The best people in the field are a few and they are in such high demand that hiring them would simply blow your finances! Signing a contract with the wrong web development firm would be a big compromise in terms of quality as well as sales. You will lose both your time and money, neither of which is abundant if you are someone venturing into the market for the very first time.
There are certain checkpoints to be considered to mitigate risk and avoid frustration in the future. First and foremost, websites can be divided into two categories.

  • The first category lists the conventional ones that have static information like blogs or shopping cart system. Websites falling on this category can be easily powered and managed by cheap, ready-made software.
  • The second category lists websites that require custom made codes. This is the case with businesses that want streamlining their unique logistics, let people share data in a customized manner, offer unique services/ products that are available nowhere and have a back end system to integrate with like a ERP or some kind of payment system.

If your requirements match with any or all of the properties of the second category, you truly need to look for a qualified and experienced professional team. In most of the cases, people do not understand this difference and fall prey to the false market gimmicks of random web development companies. These web development companies are usually well versed with working on the conventional websites, but unaware of the technicalities and logistics of the custom built systems. Therefore, it is always safer to be picky and seek out a firm that has the relevant and varied expertise of working on traditional web design, user interface optimization, software engineering, web analytics, and more.


We, at ARCWEB SMAC India realize your vision. The first initiative that we take after taking up a project is to understand the priorities of the client. Our development team discusses the project seamlessly with the client to understand their need; a conventional website will suffice or a customized one to suit the requirement. The team is more than happy to explain you the process and also checks whether it matches with the client. Every detail including delivery dates, milestones, and a list of what is required from you will be given to you so that you will never be in a situation of being a bottleneck in your work flow.

We are a passionate and results-oriented web development company based in India. Hire us and you will be rest assured that your project is in safe hands. We believe that our success lies in the success of your business and this is the mantra that governs the process; making strategies, development and execution till we meet your goals and objectives.

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