Case study of We Print Discs

We Print Discs

An insightful digital marketing and web development case study on WePrintDiscs

The Objectives

We Print Discs is one of the most exciting projects of the ArcWeb onboard. Here we’re leveraging to demonstrate the power of our combined skills, experience, and services in the digital marketing and website development niche.

The objectives that the client had set at the beginning of the project are:

Making We Print Discs an online brand

We have continually worked with We Print Discs to build her online presence, user base, social following and refine and improve the elements it has on the website. Since then, We Print Discs have grown vastly and has stood out in drawing attention to itself from its contemporaries. We are immensely proud to say that it has now become the disc partners with esteemed studios like Disney, Universal Studios. We feel this is an amazing achievement and one we are extremely happy to be part of.

By bringing together all our experience, all our divisions, departments, and creativity, we wanted to produce, establish and grow a new online brand. We wanted to build up the eCommerce angle and eventually create a new brand name in disc printing We Print Discs in itself.


SEO, content strategy & brand development

  • Through a solid content strategy, an inviting brand, an effective search strategy, we created We Print Discs as the number one destination for disc printing services online. For keywords like disc printing service, custom printed discs and other related keywords we attained top 3 positions on Google Search Results.
  • Building a warm, friendly and inviting brand was integral to succeeding online as we had to appeal to people who loved music and wanted to have their own music printed at affordable rates and in the least possible time. We needed them to believe that they could do it effortlessly and without paying a huge cost with We Print Discs.
  • Our research showed that more people are searching for customized printed discs than ever before (thanks to the growing number of bands in the country). So we had to reach our market the way they wanted to be reached. The client needed an organic source of traffic that can lead to positive conversions in sales and we put out our traffic engagement strategy to test and currently We Print Discs receives more than thousands of visitors every day.
  • Plus, the brand identity, tone of voice and associated assets needed to complement We Print Discs’ brand reputation and represent their professionalism and expertise. So we created Brand Guidelines and Brand Tone of Voice to help define and explain who We Print Discs are, what they stand for and how we were to communicate their brand.

Not everyone prints their music. Not everyone thinks they could even begin to try, so we made sure we connected with all our music enthusiasts demographics without talking up or down to anyone. So building a user-friendly, fully responsive website was crucial and we had to make it flexible enough to allow regular content updates as the site grew.

Website build and remarketing strategy

With the aim of sharing knowledge by creating a landscape and to be recognized as an authentic disc printing service providers. We built our website optimized for SEO and remarketed to the people who have hit the website via display ads showing services or packages.

We created engaging content which was outreached to where we knew that the target audience would be and used the same to drive people to We Print Discs. The key to understanding and connecting with our audience through SEO and Social was to represent the correct persona for We Print Discs. Creating a calendar to ensure regular, targeted output and specific content themes, it came to the content strategy itself that focussing on presenting disc printing services.

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