How do we imply Agile!

The business gurus all over the world have been raving about this new ‘Agile’ methodology these days. So what is this about the most talked about ‘thing’ in the town? No! It is neither a process nor any specific action. Agile is a mindset, a whole new perspective of seeing things and a way of life. Agile is an attitude with which a project is approached and executed.

It is all about streamlining a project where any possibility of wastage of time is completely ruled out. It keeps you on your toes so that you don’t waste excessive time in things that hardly add any value to the project. Therefore, no time-sucks, no design checks, only addressing the current requirements and thereby saving you enough time and energy that can be spent working on other aspects of the project and making it better. The result is that you will be achieving the proposed goals and milestones in half the time or less.

How does ‘Agile’ thinking work?

Agile development is basically a needs-driven approach. It is all about identifying the requirements, adaptive planning, designing and developing on the go facilitating continuous improvement, early delivery, and getting feedback as you go. Agile gives you scope for making flexible changes in the project in response to the feedbacks from real customers.

Why We Choose Agile Web Development?

In agile development, the project is seen as a break up of many small projects, each designed and developed to fulfill its respective requirement. Therefore, you don’t wait for the entire design to be completed until you move onto development. In this approach design and development goes hand in hand. Also, the testing starts at every phase of design and development and not at the end of the entire project. In short, it is all about testing on the go, training on the go, deploying on the go, and getting feedback on the go.

Why do you need Arcweb SMAC?

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