Why are E-commerce Businesses Failing?

Starting an e-commerce business is a challenging task which may be profitable or disastrous depending on how you approach it. Most common misconception regarding initiating an e-commerce business is that it only needs an inventory, third-party delivery system, and an online store. No doubt they are vital, they are the pillars you need to make it stand, but, they aren’t saleable on their own!

Most of the e-commerce sites lack some integral features which inevitably render them incapable of furthering their businesses.

Fundamental Requirements


The most vital feature of an e-commerce site is the security that it offers to its users as well as itself. It should be noted that e-commerce sites are the ones most prone to cyber attacks due to the opportunity it offers. User data along with their banking details, contact details, physical addresses, login credentials, etc. sell like hot cakes in the online black market. Hackers could cripple an e-commerce site without proper encryption models. And users know that! Online buyers are smart enough not to trust everyone.

Proper Hosting

Search engines have various methods to rank a particular website. One of the primary checks search engines make is the hosting server of a particular domain in order to verify its authenticity and credibility. An e-commerce site needs to be hosted from a credible source with ample storage and computing capacity in order to stay relevant technically. Shared servers, on the other hand, affect ranking substantially. The best way to go is the Cloud way through a trusted partner.

Site Quality

There is a vast availability of tools which can be used to develop e-commerce sites. One needs to analyze the size and future scale-up and build the site accordingly. While using open source CMS one also needs to consider the drawbacks. However, it is suggested to go for the best option available which offers considerable options for adding custom functionalities and plugins.

The design layout of the site needs a visually appealing theme as well as user-friendly navigation. An intelligent show of suggested products that actually work as a virtual sales assistant and tries its best to sell any of the many listings can be peppy. Poor quality product images hamper the business as well, therefore good images must be used.


The Content Delivery Network is basically cache servers or proxy servers that store your website data at various points geographically and delivers your web content directly to users without sending queries to the primary hosting server every time, which could take time. CDNs help in enhancing the user experience by enabling fast loading. It is a known fact that 60% of users leave if a site takes more than 6 seconds to load.

Mobile App/Mobile Version

Both are required! Not everyone uses the mobile site, neither does everyone uses mobile app. Therefore, it is pretty clear that you will need both to convince all category of users to buy from you. However, the mobile version of your site will be the primary source of your sales. The new Google AMP [link to google AMP blog], which is specifically meant for mobile versions of websites will come in handy in this case. With AMP version you would get an additional boost to your ranking as well as achieve an augmented customer satisfaction as the AMP sites load lightning-fast.

Digital Marketing

Online campaigns are a continuous and never-ending process for any e-commerce site. Search Engine Marketing, also known as the Pay-Per-Click marketing suggests out your website to the users searching for products you offer, thereby increasing traffic of potential buyers. Social Media campaigns increase your visibility across people interested in your products, whereas, video promotions and organically increasing your website ranking etc. play a vital role in building the reputation you definitely need. Use of Google Shopping Ads showcases your products straight on the search engine result pages.

Overall, succeeding in e-commerce business isn’t difficult, but isn’t easy either. One needs to approach with a clear vision and must take care of all fundamental requirements in order to succeed. Consult ArcWeb SMAC to discuss your requirements and we will suggest you how to go about it.