An ultimate guide to what is web design (and how to get it right)?

While it is pretty simple for anyone to create a website these days, a confusing, broken, or out-dated website will harm your brand drastically. No, we are not saying that it might harm your brand; we are saying that it will harm it.

So then, how can you lead yourself to the path of success? Well, you can build a great website by taking the help of professional web design services. But what exactly do we mean by web design? Continue reading if you wish to know what web designing is, why it’s important and how you can do it right.

What do you mean by web design?

Web design creates the complete feel and appearance when you are using a site. It is the process of drafting and creating the numerous elements of a site, from layout to structure to pictures, color palette, fonts, and graphic design.

A custom website design comprises several aspects that work cordially to offer a finished experience to the site, including responsive interface design, user experience design, SEO, and content development. These elements are the deciding factors for how a website feels, looks, and functions on different devices.

Web designing is not the same as web development that involves actual coding to make the website work. While creating a website, you require both web development and web design.

Though you can search for Web Designers who also have a dedicated team of Web Developer, User Interface Developer, and UX developer, these are all different skill sets altogether.

  • A web designer uses your thoughts and ideas and transforms them into a demo, displaying what your upcoming website would look like. The web designers look after the creative aspect of designing the website.
  • A web developer, also known as coders or engineers, uses the demo site made by the web designer and turns it into one coding language that helps present it on the internet. The web developer makes the sites functional, which means customized coding widgets as well other tools.
  • A UI developer seeks to create a convenient website interface that would meet the user’s needs. The interface developer needs to understand the user’s goal, strivings, and behaviour pattern to make a webpage fun, easy and simple to navigate.
  • A UX developer is responsible for making your site user-friendly. The user experience developer uses technical and designs skills and creates a website that grabs the visitors’ attention and improves the website experience for them.

Why is web design important?

The first impression matters a lot. We cannot stress this aspect enough- if your business does not have a good online presence, you are holding back your brand.

Prospective customers that search the internet for your company and don’t find anything may think you are no longer operating. If they look for you and get something subpar, it’ll create an impression in their mind that you do not bother much about your business or product. Hence, it becomes essential to make each relationship that starts on your site an unforgettable one by nailing your web design.

So now that you’re aware of what web design is and its importance, let’s go on to learn a few signs that indicate what a good web design looks like.

What does a good web design include?

A good web design is not subjective. With several other kinds of design, such as a sticker or illustration design, most of what is considered good depends on the visitor’s taste. In custom website design, the distinction between a good and a not good design is more defined. A site that’s well-designed perfectly creates an experience that your visitor has been looking for.

A web design that works often converts. Here, ‘convert’ means making the user take a particular action that your site set them up to take. When the user takes action, your site successfully makes a conversion. The conversions could be anything, such as making a purchase or subscribing to your business newsletter.

Effective web design services introduce a few distinct elements together for promoting conversions. These elements include:

  • Clearly presented options for the users
  • Compelling usage of negative space
  • A good call-to-action
  • Responsive web design– A design that reorients and resizes itself to the viewer’s screen, making your site easy to navigate on all devices, i.e., smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc.
  • Limited distractions & a well-curated user journey- Using only text and pictures relevant to the matter on the web page, including buttons that direct to the desired actions.
  • High-quality, relevant pictures and content that attracts the attention of the visitor
  • The perfect visual balance between the pictures and content on every webpage
  • Properly sized fonts

If you think that aesthetic design won’t affect your conversion rates, think again. Your site needs to be appealing, especially to the prospective customer. Hence, try figuring out what kind of style will appeal to them. Use attractive images and graphic design that convert and work for your brand.

Staying true to what your company offers is the key to building a successful web design. A good-looking website will be of no use if it does not match well with your brand.

What elements don’t work in web design?

We have gone through what a good web design is. Now, let us move on to talk a little about what it is not.

There are a few elements that don’t work in web design and need to be avoided. These include:

  • Murky call-to-actions are a bad website design. It’s essential to use clear and straightforward call-to-action.
  • Low contrast fonts that are difficult to read don’t attract readers and therefore need to be avoided.
  • Unclear buttons and links. The UI developer needs to ensure that the visitors don’t have to hunt down the buttons and links on the website and quickly locate which text and images will direct them to other webpages.
  • Distracting backgrounds and images. As a standard rule, you should avoid tiled backgrounds. Although some select instances wherein tiled backgrounds may make a great choice, they are distracting in most cases.
  • Non-responsive web design. These days, it’s essential for your website to have a responsive web design that works on all devices.
  • Irrelevant or generic filler text and stock images without valuable data

A few website design elements such as grid layouts are not inherently wrong or good choices. These can be utilized in useful or unuseful ways; thus, taking proper care in doing them right should be a must.

Animation is another tricky website design element. It’s not the 1990s anymore; you should not make the users scroll over a line of dancing guinea pigs to reach your content. However, using an animated pop-up that gets the user’s attention back towards your website leads to conversion? Definitely yes.

How can you get the web design done?

Getting the right web design is a challenging process and includes many things to consider. But thankfully, you don’t need to go through the complex procedure alone. When you hire professional web design services, you can depend on their expertise and skills to receive the correct result.

There are some different ways to get the web design you dreamed of. The way that is right for your business depends on your website requirement (whether you seek a website redesign or a new website), your budget, and the amount of work you could do yourself.

You could work with a professional web design service provider directly that can offer the look and style you are looking for in your site. The experts can design an entirely new template for your site from scratch or customize the existing template if you want a website redesign.

What are the benefits of expert web design services?

The netizens are very careful and judicious when browsing websites these days, and so, it has become highly crucial to add a professional touch to your site. Be it ecommerce website design or designing a regular website, hiring a reliable web design service can benefit you in many ways.

Consistent brand identity:

A team of professionals will develop a visual language for your business, with the goal of being consistent across distinct contexts. Your custom logo design, business cards, and website must work cordially to be a coherent whole. Keep in mind that a brand with a consistent visual language leaves an unforgettable impression in the minds of the visitors than those who have an unsteady visual language.

Professional approach:

A glance at a professionally created website will showcase the amount of competent elements incorporated in the website’s design. The layout, color combination, custom logo design, banner design, and even the use of unique and appropriate content together demonstrate the true power of a good web design.

SEO-friendly website design:

Another significant aspect is SEO-friendly web design. A well-optimized website with the correct pixel results in a high scalability level for the search engine crawlers and spiders. There is a systematic approach to create a well-optimized site, and an expert team of web developers can get that into existence.

More visitors and more customers:

As a business owner, you would want thousands of people to visit your site and buy your products/services. The visitors who land on your site learn who your company is and what it is offering. With a peek at your site’s homepage, the visitors might decide to stay or leave. Therefore, to ensure that they stay on your site and turn them into customers, a clear, detailed and interesting website should be given additional investment and attention, which can be made possible with professional web design services.

Distinction from the competitors:

With several websites created daily, you are likely to come across a few that look just the same. They display the perfect stuff, the web design is good, but aren’t distinct from the competitors. There isn’t anything special about them. Here, special means showing your USPs into one single visual message. But when you employ professional web design services, they ensure that they bring uniqueness to your site.

Refined details:

The spacing of text, selection of font, and combination of colors are essential details that help make your site stand out from the rest. These aspects might not seem that essential, but in reality, these do impact how efficient and readable your site is.

Effective Structure and Content:

Whether you want an ecommerce website design or a bespoke web design, your website structure and design need to be flawless. Many individuals don’t put effort into understanding what you are genuinely trying to convey or express. Unreadable small-sized text and perplexing navigation will turn your visitors away for sure. Expert web designers work on your web design and content to clearly convey your message to the visitors.

A highly skilled team of professionals:

A reputed company offering web design services comprises talented and skilled individuals who you can trust. They hold years of experience and have rich exposure to each technical detail. The team ensures that they cut down extra costs and guarantee value for your time hard-earned money.

Low turnaround time:

By hiring the service of professionals, you get to save your precious time as these experts are the best at their job.

Usually, several people assume that hiring web design services is a costly affair; however, that isn’t the case. Remember, all these expenses will fetch you customers and clients; therefore, it’s wise to employ experts for the job. They will genuinely justify your investment in the website and the appearance of the business.

When you advertise your business on the internet, it’s essential to be careful of your site’s design as the first impression creates a long-lasting impression in visitors’ minds.

The netizens will judge the value of your company’s products as well as services through the quality and appearance of your site.

A website has the power to create a discrepancy between roping in a new customer and losing a prospective customer. Hence, don’t place your company’s name and reputation in jeopardy.

Consider hiring expert web design services to create a custom site for your precious business.

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