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Cyber Crimes- RANSOMWARE Virus Attack

12th May, Friday, 2017 dawned dark and menacing for computer users worldwide. More than 200,000 computers in more than 100 countries were affected when a ransomware stormed through the systems […]

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Viral Videos: The Fever Rises on Social Media

Research shows that there are quite a few things the Modern Man cannot live without: air, water, food, shelter, and of course, social media. For many people in the crowd, […]

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Get Cashless; Get Going!

The world today has taken giant strides into the future age and we find ourselves face to face with a ‘restless, nervous, bustling and trivial’ 21st century. It is easy […]

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Will Pokémon Go get banned in India – Gujarat HC notice to...

Years ago, when Pokémon was aired for the first time in India, it became all the rage among kids. From fighting over the remote to watching Pokémon, discussing every episode, […]

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Bhubaneswar had a Run-a-thon another time!

Bhubaneswar has just had a Run-a-thon experience on 10th January! In an attempt to promote physical wellness and a spirit of sports in the state, Tata steel has organized an […]

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