Will Pokémon Go get banned in India – Gujarat HC notice to the Game Company?

Pokémon Go

Years ago, when Pokémon was aired for the first time in India, it became all the rage among kids. From fighting over the remote to watching Pokémon, discussing every episode, to collecting cards and tazos, each and every kid became a hardcore Pokémon fanatic.

And now in 2016, when those kids have grown into adults, suddenly, out of the blue, comes Pokémon Go- a game which makes your childhood dream tangible. The game is a super hit among the Pokémon lovers and it has successfully created a stir even among those who never watched the TV show.

Blurring the lines between virtual and real world, Pokémon Go has indeed taken the youth by storm. However, with many setbacks and accidents, Pokémon Go is apparently moving from sheer madness to pure disdain.

Gujarat High Court’s recent appeal for banning Pokémon Go in India has come as a big shock to most of the enthusiasts. Gujarat HC believes that this location-based augmented reality game is turning out to be a major threat on the people. It is also putting public safety and security at risk. People are claiming to get religiously offended as the game shows images of eggs in places of worship of the Hindus and Jains. The game is also being blamed for offending the vegetarians by depicting egg offerings. Demands are being made to either allow it to be played just in recreational areas and public parks or be completely banned.

In Vadodara and Mumbai, people are actually getting hit by cars other vehicles, just because of playing the game. Reportedly, people are entering government premises without any permission as well. Furthermore, a museum in Vadodara has put up a circular prohibiting the entry of Pokémon Go players. The game is highly addictive and engrossing. The ‘attentional blindness’ that it causes has made it subject to a hell lot of criticism.

Not only for religious issues, Pokémon Go is also getting blamed for various other reasons. Even though it encourages outdoor play, you’re still clinging onto technology. The game also tends to put you in a much heightened state of stress.

However, keeping aside the stumbling block, this game has its fair share of advantages. It’s super fun and easy to play. It makes you step out of the house and walk. This is actually healthy and it creates a positive feedback loop for pursuing healthier behavior. Walking can be an amazing part of your daily exercise or workout regime too.

This game also helps those who are fighting depression. The game comes with goals and step-wise levels. It keeps people engaged and interested. Feelings of moving forward and effectiveness are generated through the game as it creates incremental goals.

Believe it or not, Pokémon Go also works as an awesome conversation-starter and helps ease social anxiety. When you find others playing the game too, you get an option to interact with someone you share something in common with. The theme of this game is non-violent and innocent. Unlike Tinder or Facebook, Pokémon Go doesn’t pressurize you into presenting yourself in a certain manner. Moreover, Pokémon Go is great game to spark up your creativity and imagination as it amalgamates reality with fantasy.

To put it in a nutshell, Pokémon Go is a super fun app which comes with few risks and danger. And in a country like India where everything is governed by religion or politics, it will be interesting to see the fate of this game.

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