Facebook Creator Studio- A Preeminent Tool For the Online Content Creators

There are many online content creators who usually create amazing videos to connect with the world. They are regarded as the most evolving community in the online platform.

Because of these online communities, Facebook is enhancing its Creator Studio tool that helps the online content creators obtain money and raise their game on Facebook.

Facebook has done many updated to its Creator Studio in 2020, which is a big advantage for businesses wanting to create some fresh content. The rewards differ and depend on how long audiences enjoy and watch video content.

Benefits & Features of Facebook Creator Studio

1. Upload, Create & Publish Content

Creator studio is helpful to upload, create and publish all the Facebook as well as Instagram content. Additionally, you can post content to your different pages, upload multiple videos at a time, manage your content and save posts as a draft.

For Instagram, you can post to Instagram feed as well as IGTV videos. Scheduling option is also available for the Instagram post because of which you will not require any third party social media tools. Creator Studio for Instagram, you can also do tagging people or business partners (specifically in branded content) and turn off your comments. Through this, you can post multiple images to Instagram which is known as Carousel posts.

Before doing this you need to connect your Instagram account in Creator Studio.

Note: “If you are an admin or editor of the business page then you can use Creator Studio to upload, create, publish and edit a Page’s posts.”

2. Home Tab in Creator Studio

You will get an overview of all of your accounts from a single page known as ‘Home’. You don’t have to jump for one tab to another. Some of the features that you might see on your Home tab are top priorities, posts timeline, onboarding cards and post details.

3. Creator Studio’s Content library

The Content Library gives you the option to sort content by post type, status, time and other things that are useful to find and edit a post. Also, you can check the insights of those specific posts and take your desire actions on particular posts, for example, editing, deleting or boosting them.

There is also a subdivision of the content library- Posts, Videos You Can Crosspost, Playlists, Series, Clips and Post Timeline.

4. Facebook Creator Studio’s Insights

For social media marketing, it is intrinsic to understand the performance and engagement metrics. It makes you know that your content is relevant for your selected audience and accomplishing its goal.

In creator studio’s insight, you can filter it by date and select view by to sort between shared, posted and crossposted.

Inside the tool, you can also check-

  • Loyalty – Viewers who come back to see your videos
  • Audience – Check this insight by age, gender, countries, language and interests, pages that your engaged viewers like, videos that your engaged viewers are watching and top audiences
  • Retention – View average time people spent watching
  • Earnings – View earning you received from Facebook Monetisation

There are different types of performance insights you can check to comprehend what ratio is organic vs paid. They are-

  • 1-minute video views
  • Minutes viewed
  • 3-second video views
  • Engagement
  • Net followers

You can understand how people engage with your Instagram content. You will be getting insights into the activity section that involve actions taken on your account, accounts reached. Also, get audience activity under audience section.

5. Manage Interactions From All The Pages From Inbox

Engage with your Facebook and Instagram fans effectively. You can access three important things from here-

  • Messenger
  • Comments and reactions from Facebook
  • Comments and reactions from Instagram

6. Monetisation With Facebook

You must be wondering how can I make money on Facebook? Certainly, Facebook offers remarkable audience potential for watch programs. In order to encourage the online video creators to the channel, Facebook has launched Facebook Monetisation program for Videos. This ultimately helps the video publishers to provide sufficient incentive to invest their time and energy.

For this, you need to see your monetisation eligibility status. Mainly there are 3 major sets of rules to become eligible in order to monetise your content-

There are various ways one can monetise their content on Facebook-

  • In-stream ads
  • Fan subscriptions
  • Branded content
  • Subscription groups

7. Rights Managers

It is another powerful feature offered by Facebook for businesses, marketers and content creators to protect their content from getting copied. Before using this tool, you have to apply and get licensed for the Rights Manager.

8. Creative Tools- Live Dashboard

This feature helps in improving your video content without bothering about copyright infringement. Here you can download free, legitimate music and sounds.

You can also join the gaming creator community and initiate game streaming. If you are new to game streaming click here

9. Pages

Get an overview of all of your pages and manage your pages. You can change the existing roles and add a new person as admin or editor from here. Well, this can be accessed by the page admins only.

Here, marketers should take a note that apart from creating amazing content, improving sources of income from different platforms is an emerging concern for creators as they want to reach wider audiences, recreate their content and stand out from the crowd.

If your business is focusing on social media marketing then it is worth to give a look to Creator Studio.

In case you are using Facebook Creator Studio, let us know how you improved your result from it in the comment section.

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