The Nuances of Web Designing – Audience Perception and A Captivating Presence

Design is an aspect of aesthetics that have shaped our lives considerably over the past tens and hundreds of centuries. The way of expressing things has certainly taken an artistic turn, excuse the pun! However, the core idea behind is still the same. As of now, web designing has taken the spot when it comes to an online presence. Responsive Web Design is the way to go for any particular brand that wants the eyeballs immediately.

Websites are like the Physical Stores of the Online World. You got to have one if you have plans on flourishing on the digital ether. With the proceedings in 2020 and the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, almost everyone has certainly taken “online presence” very seriously.

With no public stores open, this is your only way to stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer world and even cater to their specific needs if there is a chance. Out of all services online, web designing and e-commerce are at their all-time high right now.

Web Designing – In a Nutshell

Setting up a certain website would take a considerable amount of time. It is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. However, certain specific aspects make each website unique from one another.

Buying and Selling stuff online has skyrocketed tremendously over the past half a decade. The use of liquid money, consistent availability of the internet as well as decent connectivity has made this possible.

Now, it is the chore on the brands’ side to be reachable to the audience base. Speaking of being reasonably usable, the design part of a website broadly stands on two specific types:

  • UI Design
  • UX Design

Before diving into Responsive Web Design Tips and Tricks, this is pretty much what the basics express. The focus on maximum resource usability and the interface is what UI Design has to offer. When it comes to UX Design, it is, kind of, a subset of UI Design where the User Feedback plays a significant part as time progresses.

Several types of web design take the popularity vote. Among the many websites on the internet right now, here are the five types that soothe the eyes and ease our neurons more than anything else:

  • Illustrative Web Design
  • Minimalist Web Design
  • Typography Web Design
  • Single Page Web Design
  • Flat Web Design

These five choices are specifically to make the audience feel engaged in some way or the other when it comes to pinpointing visuals and reacting accordingly. However, on the technical side of things, there are generally three types of website design that shape up all the further responsive web design techniques:

  • Fixed Design
  • Fluid Design
  • Responsive Design

Picking either of the ones mentioned, there are a few things that one needs to take care of when it comes to responsive web designing. Here are a few that can change your audience’s perception in a matter of seconds:

  • Prioritize all Devices equally
  • Plan Your Design Thoroughly
  • Navigation of the Site is the Key
  • Image and GIF Optimization
  • Play with the Colours and Maintain a Certain Colour Palette etc.

These are some aspects you can dabble with so that can grip your audience with fulfillment for a considerably longer period. Ease your way through someone’s eyes and make them your connection for long.

Coming back to the type of websites that people have seen over the years, change is pretty consistent, so to speak. Even the mighty Google has its things changed significantly over the years. Just like that, from an individual point of view, what has been the most striking change in a certain website have you noticed. Was it good or not so good?

Express yourself below where certain companies benefited with a timely or untimely change according to you.

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