E-commerce: This is how we do it!

If you are someone looking for selling products online, having an e-commerce website up and running would be the first requirement to be fulfilled in your business agenda. And, how does your online store look and how flawless it is to navigate, has a vital impact on the sales. Your e-store should be visually pleasing and user friendly as well. If you are a startup entrepreneur, chances are that you resort to opt for cheaper web design solutions i.e, setting up the website all by yourself using some software or by hiring a college intern or your relative cousin! Since the market is cruel and the competition is fierce, such tactics will only turn futile, costing you both your time and money.

Arcweb SMAC India : your search ends here!

Consumers today demand the best in design, simplicity and security when it comes to shop online. If you cannot provide your customers with the same, they will move along to your competitor’s site without even batting an eyelid! Welcome to the E-Commerce design page of Arcweb SMAC India.

We offer you the following tools when you order an e-commerce package from us.

  • We offer you unique custom design with unlimited revisions until you are happy with the final product.
  • Inventory management will be handed over to you so that you can manage your inventories no matter it is for how many number of products.
  • Shipping and tax calculators: You can effortlessly calculate the shipping charges and tax for every individual customer on the orders placed on your online store.
  • We let you accept all payment forms like, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards etc

A wide range of e-commerce packages have been designed for your needs:

The difference in the packages will be just the number of products that that will be added in the design. However, the content management will be in your hand and you can change the content, number of products with the variations such as sizes, color etc. We will provide you with the content management system which will be good enough to train you the way to do so. A telephone support will always be at your assistance to help you with your queries while getting used to your new e-commerce store. You will also enjoy the flexibility of adding unlimited main category and sub category pages.

The above is just a snap shot of just a few features that we offer within our e-commerce packages. Please go through all of our features given in the detailed list. We would be waiting for an inquiry from you soon!

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