It’s time to be Responsive!

Responsive web design is undoubtedly the most talked about thing in the world of IT. So what makes it so special?
Responsive design is what makes the websites tweak themselves automatically to look fine on the screens of all kinds of devices. It means a website looks the same whether it is viewed from larger desktops or smart phones and tablets.

What are the benefits?

  1. Say ‘no’ to Multiple URL
    Responsive design completely eliminates the need of different URLs for different devices. One can have only one unique URL for his website which will look good on all devices. There you save lots of money on building another website and maintaining it.
  2. Flexible Layouts
    In responsive design, website layouts are flexible. Additionally, responsive websites uses a grid system that is enabled to re-arrange the display as per the screen size of any device. Even the text and images are responsive in a responsive design so as to adjust to fit the size of the screen.
  3. User Friendly Navigation
    By user friendly navigation system, we mean that responsive design gives the user control over the bounce rate. Hence, visitors can explore the site effortlessly and find the required information on the website. Bounce rate has valuable impact on SEO in terms of your site’s performance on search results.
  4. Generate High Revenue
    Because of its flexibility and adaptability on device screens, responsive websites have higher conversion rate as compared to other web sites. Today, people surf more on their tablets and smart phones rather than on desktops. So, if your website can cater to such users, better are its chances of generating higher revenues.
  5. Google Recommends It
    Responsive websites are a Google’s favorite! With more and more smart phone users, Google understands the need of mobile-friendly web sites. So obviously, your site will perform well only if it has been designed with responsive layout.

What do we have for you?

Our team at ArcWeb SMAC India, is well versed with the technicalities and the logistics of responsive web designing. Our designed websites work on all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Register with us and we will make sure that your website stands true to the values of your business, presenting the information neatly and highlighting the important features of your business.

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