We think ‘Agile’

“Waterfall process” is the most followed approach in IT development. In this approach, Teams are made to handle different tasks and then the project assets are generated to move from one team to another in a sequential order. The sequence goes like, conception-> initiation-> analysis->design-> construction->testing-> implementation-> maintenance. The trend goes linear, with checkpoints at the end of every step to enable quality assurance and aid project management.


Does the waterfall work for every project? Well, the answer is a big ‘NO’. The biggest fallacy of this method is that this is a ‘once and for all’ method! It doesn’t give you any room for change which implies that the plans must be full and final from beginning to end. On completion of a step in the process, there is no coming back for the team and the only possible way to incorporate changes is by scrapping the project and starting from scratch.

In the contrary to ‘waterfall method’, Agile methodologies offer more flexibility to a project. Agile methods have grown popular in the world of web development for a good reason. This approach empowers the web development and design teams to work better together and deliver more in less time. Projects see the daylight even before their deadlines which also means more value for your budget.

The role of Arcweb SMAC India…

At Arcweb SMAC India, we possess the experience and expertise of delivering successful projects to a wide range of clients. Our team completely fathoms how every web development project is different and so is their execution. Therefore, we choose the right approach to ensure that your project is handled as per a flexible plan so that the final result (your website) will have all the valuable and prioritised feature set for your users. The valuable features are delivered quickly as a result of Agile development so that your business can test the features with real users and get feedback from them. We extensively use the Scrum framework as our choice of Agile practice.

The Scrum uses iteration and constant reviews to ensure that the delivered end product is laced with all the elements required by the client. Prioritising the features is our first step that helps us concentrate on the most valuable ones first. Take any traditional project and you will find many irrelevant features that are hardly of much use or rather not needed at all. Agile development emphasizes on building the valuable features saving you both time and money.

Agile approach is all about active involvement, cooperation and collaboration of all the teams making the process enjoyable for all. As an organization, we believe that this is hugely significant for running a successful business.

A successful partnership..

We focus on building long term relationships with our clients as a happy clientele translates into a successful business. Our Agile development approach calls for continuous collaboration with you, only to make way for a deeper understanding of your product’s vision.