Have you made your website responsive? If not then now is the time!

With a plethora of devices in the market and more coming up in the future, do you think having a website for each of them would be a sound proposal? “Definitely not!” would be the only apt answer to that question and any person with normal sensibilities would agree to that! Read on to find why?

Mobile internet usage has been reported to have increased by 16% since 2010 and no prizes for guessing the obvious that the rate will only increase in the future. This simply means that the desktop viewers have been outnumbered and the trend is here to stay.

Remember the days when the mobile companies have launched internet enabled handsets and how people loved the very idea of accessing internet on the go despite the poor navigation and slow downloads. ‘Poor user experience’ would be the ideal word to suffice the situation!

With the increasing mobile usage across the world, business world has realized the power of mobile technology and how it can help them to get a face value for their brand. Soon, they came up with a “mobile” version of their website. The downside of this version was that it looked way inferior to its desktop sibling in terms of functionality, content and overall user experience. Another thing to consider was that the mobile devices come in different screen sizes and making a mobile website compatible to all was not a cake walk for sure. Also, having two separate websites for a business is a ‘pricy’ affair. There will always be more expenditure, time consumption and hassle to design, build and manage two different websites. And yet, it won’t be a pleasant browsing experience for the user. No way, can it be a good solution!

So! What could be the possible solution? Well! The solution back then and even today is the same and it is the responsive web design. Only a responsive website can engage a user by offering them a flawless user experience on any device.


Responsive web design is what makes a website fit in any screen size it’s being viewed on. A responsive website is programmed to automatically reformat itself to suit the four corners of your device screen! Since, a responsive website appears same on any screen irrespective of the device being used to view it, everything will be same in terms of functionality, navigation, download speed etc. No slow downloading or navigation issues to face, once you make your website responsive. Users can comfortably see the content they are looking for without having to zoom in or zoom out repeatedly. Therefore, a person viewing your website on a mobile phone will have will have the same feel and user experience as he will have it on a desktop. ‘Uniformity’ would be the best word to define the responsive web design.


By now, you must have understood the gist of ‘what is all about the Responsive web design’. So, here are its benefits you cannot ignore in case you are a business person!

  1. Building a responsive website equates to making it future proof: If your website is responsive, it will work across all the existing devices people are using today. Definitely, it is no less than a safe bet in the current market scenario!
  2. Improve conversion rates and great brand value: A user friendly browsing experience on multitude of devices will keep your audience engaged and they will be more likely to visit your site which will further improve its conversion rate. More number of view means more potential customers. More customers bring more profit and brand value for your business.
  3. Saves time and money: Only one website will need management, support and upgrades applied to one place. Managing two websites would be would be cumbersome and expensive at the same time.
  4. SEO optimized. Google advocates for responsive web design as managing SEO for separate mobile and desktop sites is difficult and doesn’t even bring great results. A user will only get confused to see two websites of the same company appear in different rankings. One website and the Search results will focus on only one website, your business website.

We love responsive web techniques

Responsive web design has become more than a trend for all the good reasons. It is a matter of joy when you can offer a wonderful optimized browsing experience to your customers regardless of their choice of device. Satisfied consumers indicate that you have expanded the reach of your business and earned their trust.

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