Publishing Content on Social Media through Stories and Its Shelf Life

The Internet is booming and popping like never before. Even giving an introduction to what the internet is capable of will simply waste the time of everyone. Jumping straight into the mix, people are preferring social media stories like never before. This is technically one ideal way to get things started right now.

As we all know, the internet is leading our lives right now. Even losing the internet connection for a millisecond will destroy our lives. No! I’m not talking about the addiction to cat or dog videos. In general, the internet is the pillar of our lives, no matter what someone thinks. Without the presence of the internet, modern-day banking, stock markets, and general information can’t be gathered straightaway. Being in touch with everyone in the world lying on one half of the planet to another is purely possible with the help of the internet.

As far as casual settings are concerned, social media is something that helps the cause immensely. People have a lot to say, no matter what. It is just how human beings are wired. Having no one to say something to can be a touch depressing.

Social media helps get rid of the same rather quickly. One of the easiest ways to share information on social media is through posting. It can be done in multiple ways such as:

  • Status posts
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Shares
  • Stories etc.

We know about the first four types of content that people share with their friends online or even strangers. Status posts are generally pure text that has some information behind the same. Images and videos are graphical content that we are all well versed with.

Shares are just a way to share or repost someone else’s content to another set of audience that usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to see the same. However, all of these posts are going to stay on the respective profiles for ages, until those are deleted voluntarily.

When it comes to the quick and immediate type of content, Stories are the ones that grab a lot of attention.

Social Media Stories – The Next Step For Brands

Stories are the perishable products on display on social media platforms. The true concept of stories began with the Social Media Platform Snapchat. Snapchat was notoriously creative with its User Interface. Whatever people posted on Snapchat would have a shelf life of 1 day.

The photos or videos shared by users on Snapchat will automatically disappear after a day’s length. Now, this concept was something new on social media. The first person to take note of it was non-other than the genius, Mark Zuckerberg himself.

His trio of social media gems, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram had the story options straightaway. Now, it wasn’t necessarily copying from Snapchat, but, the latter’s team wasn’t impressed.

As far as usability is concerned, people started using these like anything. Especially on Instagram, it is an actual cluster of information that one must pay attention to. This is exactly where brands need to put their foothold.

Brands also share information about themselves that has a smaller shelf life and needs to be shared in the matter of the moment. These usual types of content shared through social media stories are as follows:

  • Photo or Video Content
  • Content with Call to Action Buttons
  • Informative Content Based on the brand itself, etc.

It is not necessary that the story has to be direct as well. Brands can use everyday content and make something out of it. Using this very opportunity, brands can get hold of their audience’s attention immediately with a detailed infographic along with the same.

Compelling the audience base to do some task is the need of the hour. For immediate posts like stories, quick results are completely understandable and feasible.

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