The Age of Gaming Content and the Countless Possibilities Lying Ahead

  • September 16, 2019

Entertainment is something that came into existence since millennia. Forms of entertainment have changed from time to time. The core concept gave birth to many things out of which playing games is one. Gaming, in general, didn’t die out like many other fads.

Offline Games have usually been a pastime for people for thousands of years. These can be played indoors or outdoors. One of the biggest indoor games that have made it to a different level altogether is chess. The other ones are there but not so much.

The influx of technology led to a lot more opportunities. The scope of advancing was bright again. One of the avenues that were also included in that was video gaming. People have mixed reviews as far as video gaming is concerned.

The old TVs back in the day used to emit certain wavelengths of EMR which caused irritability in the eyes. However, with the advancement in technology, that issue was also sorted and gave birth to new generations of watching screens like Televisions and Monitors.

But, the correction facts are not known to many, which is why people don’t like video games. Plus, it has nothing to do with one being talented and putting in work behind understanding a game, as per few. Games were supposed to be easy for everyone, let alone create competitions and living out of it.

The stigma of video games slowly started fading away as the generations changed. Bigger brands started working on these games and the players associated. The influx of money was a breath of fresh air as video marketing came into the picture.

One more thing that follows the principles of video marketing but on a rather individual level is a video sharing website. These websites have all the ingredients to make any individual a steaming prospect on the infobahn.

The different types of video sharing websites specifically focusing on gaming, both live as well as prerecorded, are as follows:

  • YouTube (The Biggest)
  • Twitch
  • Mixer
  • DLive etc.

The Marriage of Gaming Content and Video Marketing

One might wonder, why would anyone want to watch someone else play a video game instead of playing it yourself? But, if that’s the case, the biggest audience pullers on the mass media outlets wouldn’t be sports.

Sports shouldn’t have had an audience in the first place, let alone broadcasting rights and truckloads of money. Then why is it that any sport pulls such an audience even when one should be playing themselves instead of watching others?

The only answer to that would be:

  • People understand the sport completely
  • People want to watch some extreme skill and mental toughness in the sport

These two reasons are enough to bring crowds, both offline as well as online for sports. These two reasons are the exact ones that don’t bring crowds to video game content. People either don’t know the game completely or they just don’t understand how someone’s skill works.

It is just a matter of sitting and playing all day. Which is not at all the case!

However, people are considering gaming content as a means of entertainment finally after the civilization’s generation has moved ahead. In all seriousness, it took around 50 years since video gaming first came out in the 1970s.

The recent example of a booming viewership would be The International 9 tournament where the game DotA 2 was played. A maximum of 1.97 Million viewers, excluding the Chinese numbers, were recorded.

The prize pool for the same was approximately $34.3M, which in reality looks something like this – $34,300,000. This much of money is life-changing for people for generations. This was all possible due to video marketing and the eagerness among people since money was also involved.

The investment assured that something more than just a pastime was being given the attention. Hopefully, in the coming future, more AR and VR related gaming platforms rise to the level such as Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc. have done so far.

The Blue Ocean Strategy doesn’t happen all the time. However, it must happen where boatloads of talent and great entertainment value are at stake.

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