Palm Leaf Paintings to Cloud Computing – The Transition of Information Storage

Us, humans are intrigued and fascinated with information which is millennia old. Present-day information doesn’t excite us as much as something from the past. Possibly, that’s the reason why culture and traditions are still alive and kicking in our societies, for various reasons. Saving the same differs though, from palm leaf etchings to cloud computing, the resources vary.

The storage of information is always a hot topic for us. We have used so many different types of methods to save any bit of data for future use or reference. Based on the same, a lot of different assignments are carried out.

Information matters a lot. Any piece of information would lay the foundation stone for unearthing some of the most captivating truths about ourselves. Being a very human-centric thing, this writeup will specifically focus on how information storage has evolved.

This has nothing to do with the information or food stored by your neighbourhood squirrel. Albeit, squirrels do help a lot with information transfer over a while. It won’t be extremely beneficial for us humans instantly.

If we classify, the most common types of information storages used by humans are:

  • Palm Leaf Etchings/Paintings
  • Metal Plate Etchings
  • Paper
  • Electronic Storage Devices
  • Cloud Storage

On a side note, it is seen that wars and general chaos have been the sole reason for the upliftment in technology. Not saying that people didn’t flourish technologically for the betterment of others, but the maximum number of inventions happened within the period of the World Wars.

This doesn’t imply that people should be busy pelting the ever-living daylights out of each other. It is just that the effects of Adrenaline and the Fight or Flight Response are simply unmatched. At the time of crisis, things work rather quickly.

Modern Information Storage Solutions – Cloud Computing

Paper can be regarded as the most popular form of information storage. It had the centre stage for more than a millennia. Albeit it is extremely fragile, but keeping it away from moisture and arthropods meant some success. Electronic storage devices can fight insects though, albeit indirectly.

Now, someone from the 2010s will not be able to understand what a palm leaf etching is. They will have to research it on the internet. Let’s just say that they were so much into researching that they didn’t see if they had the amount of storage left on their desktop PCs or not.

Cloud Service
Cloud Service

So, they decided to store it online. Now, how does one store online? This is exactly what someone means by Cloud Storage. The term Cloud is derived from the shape of Clouds used in Computer Algorithms since the 1960s.

This doesn’t mean that someone’s data is simply chilling in the Stratosphere of our planet. There are multiple servers all around the planet that keep this data secure and anyone can use theirs whenever they are connected to the internet.

This concept has been a great help to brands especially. They can store their information successfully with cloud storage. Cloud computing has taken the risks of physical violations of equipment anywhere to a bare minimum, as far as information is concerned.

This is pretty much where it all halts. Unless something incredibly crazy is invented, cloud storage is going to be the next big thing for half a century or so. Based on Moore’s Law and the general notion of the development of technology, the efficiency of this cloud storage will increase significantly.

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