‘App’lying Business Tactics: The Necessity of a Mobile App

In the past decade, mobile apps have grown from insignificant add-ons to a fundamental enterprise. There were times when Google Play and iPhone’s App Store were the only repositories where you could download applications. Today, it is of paramount importance that a business have an application of it own. For your e-business to not only survive but thrive, this is one of the trending tactics you can follow. The traditional advertising methods work well enough for those who have been around, but a mobile app is a great way to drag in younger traffic.

A report by Huffington Post pointed out that the generation of young adults spent almost 5 hours on their phone each day. Another survey gives us two numbers- 51.1% and 49.8%. The first is tentative number of people who tend to use the apps on their devices while the second applies to the group that uses browsers. Though subtle, there is still a difference between the two numbers. Why not use this vital piece of information to your advantage?

Okay, let’s be realistic here; all and sundry use smartphones these days. By installing your app on their smartphones, not only are you promoting your products and services, but the customers too are offering a wider range of opportunities for you and your team. A mobile app also enhances your brand image and makes you appear competitive. You can also boost your finances by acting as a publisher to ad networks.

Your app can make your presence felt; geographically. Make sure your functional address is marked on the map; it lends authenticity to your business. You could also analyse location data of your customers to keep pace with their habits and mannerisms . A mobile app makes you available to clients 24/7 and they can get in touch with you immediately rather than wait for suitable business hours. A direct contact with them helps spread the word: the word of mouth formula never fails.

Always be available to customers. Keep customers loyal to you and your brand. Offer promo codes and occasional rewards for affiliate marketing. These benefits will encourage them to keep in touch through your app and shall prove effective in the long run. You can also inform your customers directly about discounts and other vouchers. The app should also come with a facile payment procedure along with multiple gateways. An e-wallet is another feature that will encourage customers.

Since it’s right there in the smartphone, it’s closer to your customer. This also increases the chances of potential customers coming across your business more often. Not to mention, it’s an affordable marketing technique. And don’t forget- the reviews! The ultimate proof that your effort is paying off and people are interested in what you do. Reviews show that your customers actually care enough to let you know about it and check the minuscule errors in your business.

Customers are the life-and-blood of commerce. It is of cardinal value that you really connect with them. Mobile apps propose a welcome change in the conventional buyer-seller association. Go ahead and CONNECT!