How Can You Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings?

Finding the correct product to sell on Amazon is just the beginning of your journey to success on this platform. To grow your business, you have to ensure that people are able to find your product when in need and that they’re enticed to purchase it. However, doing so isn’t as simple as it seems.

There are several products listed on Amazon, and the number keeps rising each day. So, it has become more crucial than before to make an Amazon Product Listing that stands out from the rest and sells. While several sellers are already familiar with the need for Amazon listing optimization, execution is another story altogether.

The first step that sellers must understand before making an Amazon listing or using Amazon Marketing Services is how the search algorithm of Amazon’s A9 works.

What is Amazon A9?

The Amazon A9 algo is similar to other search engines. It gathers and evaluates all data on Amazon. Whenever a customer looks for a product or enters a term in the search box, Amazon displays an array of product options to the customer that it believes are most relevant to the searched term.

How does learning about A9 help Amazon sellers?

Amazon has neither revealed the precise math behind their A9 algo nor detailed how it ranks products. However, certain factors play an important role in terms of the Amazon search results. These aspects are a part of two crucial themes- sales performance and listing relevance. Unlike any other search engine out there, Amazon is a huge marketplace. Hence, sales play a major role in the organic search ranking of your product.

Here is one can be sure that their product listing meets the criteria of Amazon.

Keyword optimization:

Optimizing the keyword is a crucial aspect of every Amazon product listing. It is integral to search as well as use keywords that match well with your product. Besides, make sure that your product has been indexed for only relevant search words that have an increased chance to pop up in the search results.

You could look for keywords by using reliable search tools that help you look for low-competition and high-demand keywords. You could also utilize the tool to look for keywords your competitors use.

Sales history as well as velocity:

As discussed above, sales help to determine if your Amazon product listing is relevant. The products that sell more receive more visibility from viewers. Amazon’s algo considers the amount and the no. of transactions in a month. The more the amount, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Availability of Stock:

Several people do not realize that having a low amount of stock can hamper the ratings of your Amazon listing. To stay in the good books of the A9 algo, you should always be well-stocked and keep monitoring it regularly so that you’re never low on inventory.

Customer ratings and reviews:

Several sellers think that the customer reviews would trickle in slowly. However, that is you the case always. Consumer reviews and feedback play a major role when you rank product listings. Amazon features a ‘request review’ option, and sellers must make the most of it.
You could even sign up to the Amazon vine program or Amazon early reviewer program to receive a few early reviews.

These were a few of the factors that play a major role in ensuring that your listing is well optimized for Amazon. So, use this info to ensure that your Amazon listing optimization efforts help boost sales and visibility!

How to make effective Amazon product listings?

An effective Amazon listing is basically about enthralling the A9 algo as well as the customer. The keywords play an essential role in helping Amazon understand what your products are all about. The keywords by themselves don’t bring sales. If you are simply stuffing keywords in your listing, it will harm readability and resultantly lower conversions.

You could use tools that are available these days to evaluate the quality score of your listing. Irrespective of whether you end up using or not using a tool, let us discuss how you can make a good Amazon product listing.

It would help if you had a fine balance to determine where you should use the keywords to avoid stuffing. That is precisely where effective Amazon listing optimization comes to play.

A product listing comprises of the following:

  • Product title
  • Product image
  • Bullet points
  • Product description
  • Product reviews
  • Backend keywords

Here is how you could optimize these elements to make the perfect Amazon listing.

Product title:

The length of the product title is often a subject of debate among sellers. Amazon allows a maximum of 250 characters in titles for the majority of the categories; however, this does not imply that you should utilize all the 250 characters. The deciding factor here often boils down to personal preference for some people. Most likely prefer 120-160 characters, while a 250-character long title may be extremely wordy for a few customers.

When writing the product title, ensure that you include these details:

  • Brand name
  • Describe the product’s function
  • Mention the major features like material or color of your product
  • Specify the product dimensions

Keep in mind that the customers are searching for a title that informs them about your product. Your title should be easy to read yet offer plenty of information about your product while also containing relevant keywords.

Product images:

As the customers can’t inspect an online product actively, sellers should offer good visuals of their product. Each good product listing on Amazon has quality images of the respective product as well as its several components.

Amazon allows you to add a maximum of 10 photographs for every product listing. It’s recommended that you try adding at least six images to your listing. If photography isn’t something you like doing, you could consider hiring a professional photographer to capture incredible photographs.

Bullet points:

The sellers can add a maximum of five bullet points, with each ranging between 10 and 500 characters. Ensure that you use all the five bullet points as these make it easy for you to arrange key features of your product while adding the relevant keywords as well. Consumers make purchase decisions in a matter of seconds. So, it is significant for you to highlight your product’s benefits. That generally implies writing an engaging and crisp copy for the bullet points of your product. The bullet points should explain how your product can be used efficiently.

Product description:

The customers generally find product description after they scroll down a product listing. That does not imply that the product description isn’t significant. If a customer scrolls down your product listing, it ideally implies that they’re interested in purchasing your product. They are just seeking a few addition reviews or information before making the final purchase decision.
Therefore, just like bullet points, you are required to include relevant keywords and make a copy that’s easy to understand and informative.

A+ Content

The Amazon registered vendors and sellers can make A+ content as well to facilitate effective Amazon product optimization. Though this content in the listing replaces product descriptions, it is an incredible way to enhance conversions. If done correctly, A+ content can help grab the customers’ attention and help develop brand value.

Bear in mind that though the text present in the A+ content won’t be indexed. Hence, any keywords that you use in this content won’t fetch you more visibility. Don’t stress as you have the option to add the keywords in backend.

Backend keywords:

Amazon also allows you to add ‘backend keywords’ that’re indexed by the platform. You just get 250 bytes to include the backend keywords. Hence, ensure that you have done the proper keyword research. While using the backend keywords, ensure that you follow the following tips:

  • Do not repeat the words
  • Do not use punctuations
  • Use different spellings and variations of relevant keywords

Creating effecting Amazon listings requires striking a balance between optimizing for both Amazon algo and customers. By noting the steps mentioned above, you can make an Amazon listing that ranks high on Amazon’s organic search results and also converts with the customers.

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