Amazon Marketing Services- Basics and How to use

Are you seeking ways to boost your revenue on Amazon? If yes, then you’ve landed at the correct spot! In this article, we will explain Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), a tool that can help you market your products to the target audience.

You will get to know what AMS exactly is and how you can get started with this incredible Amazon advertising feature. Let’s dive in!

What exactly is Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services is a platform that gives you access to several self-service marketing solutions and helps your Amazon product listings get noticed by your target audience. In addition, it lets you access all your stores and campaigns via its simple user interface. It also allows you to locate billing as well as payment methods quickly, manage the user accounts and visit the support center if you have any doubts related to Amazon’s advertising policies or your ads. AMS is especially crucial when a business wants to list its new products through an effective Amazon product launch strategy.

Before getting to know what Amazon marketing offers, let us first discuss what’s needed for you to qualify for such services:

How can you qualify for Amazon Marketing Services?

To benefit from Amazon advertising, you are required to make one of these accounts:

  • Advantage central
  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Seller Central
  • Vendor Central

You could also utilize these advertising solutions if you are a company representing some Amazon merchant.

After you have registered to any one of these accounts, you can then register for Amazon Marketing and start making ads to advertise your products and boost the sales figures.

What does Amazon Marketing offer?

This incredible platform provides many self-service marketing solutions to advertise your brand or product, which include:

  • Sponsored brand ads
  • Sponsored product ads
  • Sponsored display ads
  • Customized Amazon stores

Moreover, Amazon will guide you in making custom ads, video ads, and display ads.

How to get started with Amazon Marketing Services?

After making an effective Amazon product launch strategy, you will have to start developing your ad campaign. To do so, sign in to your Amazon account and go to the ‘Advertising’ section that’s displayed on navigation page. Next, tap on the ‘Create your first ad.’ However, before you get into further steps, you need to know about the various kinds of ads that Amazon provides, as each of these ads has distinct parameters, requirements, and benefits.

  • Sponsored product ads are displayed on the bottom or right side of Amazon’s search results page. These can also pop up on the product detail pages.
  • Product display ads are displayed on the bottom or side of the results page. These ads also appear on related product results pages.
  • Headline search ads are displayed on the top-side of the results page and could include personalized ad copy. These ads can also be linked to the landing page a retailer wants to promote that features images, suggested items, product information, and links.

Based on the ad type you select for your Amazon product launch strategy, your ads will be displayed on mobile devices, desktop, tablets, on different Amazon departments, as well as on external sites other than Amazon. You need to pay only when a prospective buyer clicks on your respective ad. That is what makes AMS an effective advertising platform, offering brands better control on their marketing investments.

AMS is a powerful tool when it comes to creating an Amazon product launch strategy and selling on the platform, bringing increased sales for a retailer. With the various advertising options and analytics tools available, retailers can effectively boost their ROI. However, mastering new strategies and tools can be challenging. So, if you have decided to leverage AMS, you may have to consider hiring a professional company like Auroinfo to reap its benefits.

Auroinfo offers an array of services to it’s clients under Amazon Marketing Services. Our Amazon advertising experts make sure to deploy a strategy that stands out against your competitors and drives more traffic towards your Amazon product results page. So, get in touch today and allow us to give you accurate guidance in exploring Amazon advertising and selling opportunities.