Tips to Expand Your Business With Amazon Marketing Services

Global consumer expectations and market demands are changing with time. Many consumers now use Amazon to conduct product searches instead of visiting search engines, regardless of where they buy the product. That is a significant reason why many traditional retailers are now capitalizing on AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) to benefit from the massive sales growth of the online platform.

Amazon is a huge e-commerce company that has been dominating the digital marketplace. With over 8.5mn retailers and 2.1mn active users, the enterprise rises to new heights in the e-commerce sector. Besides, more and more people are now subscribing to the Amazon Prime membership, thereby leading to the further use of AMS.

Do you want to switch from conventional in-person promotional tactics to digital selling? If yes, then now is the right time to try Amazon advertising to grow your business. Boost inquiries for your product and increase your sales quickly by seeking the help of a reputed Amazon marketing company.

This article will discuss the meaning and benefits of AMS for your business, as well as a few tips to leverage the service to reach your sales aim and expand your profitability.

Amazon Marketing Services- Meaning and Benefits:

Launched in 2012, Amazon Marketing Services basically are advertising or promotional solutions to help a business differentiate its branding in the digital marketplace. With Amazon marketing, an online seller can create targeted advertisements that will pop up at significant locations on the search result page.

With the help of signals like product keywords and shopper intent, AMS ensures that your advertisements get displayed under a relevant search query and then directs the high-intent shoppers towards your product list. The best part is that you can create a free Amazon store. You have to pay only when the customers click upon your advertisements.

With the help of Amazon advertising, you can:

  • Boost your brand visibility through customized advertisements
  • Select where your advertisements appear (i.e., mobile devices, desktop, etc.)
  • Initiate targeted advertisements based on the analytics results
  • Develop customer trust
  • Offer detailed features of the product
  • Drive traffic towards your brand page
  • Place your brand as well as products before the many Amazon Prime subscribers
  • Generate a greater return on investment (ROI)

How can you leverage AMS for your business?

With AMS, competing cleverly is the primary key to boosted sales volume. You can consider reaching out to an expert Amazon marketing agency to help you dominate your niche on Amazon.

Here are a few tips to promote your business effectively with Amazon Marketing Services.

Optimize your product listing on Amazon:

Each product you sell on Amazon is listed under a product page known as an Amazon product listing. Amazon listing optimization can boost your CTRs (Click-Through-rates), increase your conversion rate and also lead to improved customer reviews.

An effective Amazon product list comprises six essential pillars: product titles, pictures, main features, descriptions, Q&A, product ratings, and reviews. When you optimize each of these elements, you enhance your product search visibility, grab more customers, and get more sales.

Make sure to follow these guidelines for better Amazon listing optimization:

  • Create keyword-optimized titles
  • Make use of relevant search phrases in the product description
  • Use high-resolution pictures
  • Optimize the texts for machines and humans
  • Regularly update the Q&A field
  • Boost your product ratings and reviews

Tip: Be sure to do in-depth keyword research based on the market trends and customer intent.

Make memorable shopping experiences:

There is a wide variety of product range on Amazon. With several brands competing against one another on the platform, what’s the best way to make your brand stand out? Here, the main factor is to offer a fantastic shopping experience to the customers. There are more chances of online shoppers to convert to retailers that offer innovative solutions.

Tip: Instead of offering reduced prices, concentrate on building a good relationship with your customers. Grab shoppers’ attention by creating a specialized Amazon product launch strategy, offering loyalty programs and better delivery options.

Use Ad Placements:

Amazon lets you launch three distinct kinds of advertisements for promoting your product offerings. These are product display advertisements, headline search advertisements, and sponsored product advertisements.

  • Product display advertisements are interest- or product-targeted advertisements. These are displayed on the top section of the customer ratings/review page, the listings page, or the bottom or right of search results. The product display advertisements are best suited in Amazon product launch strategy or targeting a particular competitor.
  • Headline search advertisements are the banner advertisements that pop up above the product result listing. Such ads drive an online shopper to a particular branded page. One can use headline search advertisements to promote over three products in one go.
  • Sponsored product advertisements direct the online shopper to the particular product listing directly. Such ads are keyword-targeted, which are displayed on the search result page. You can select from broad or exact match keywords and regulate your Amazon account management accordingly.

Tip: Narrow down your list of keywords by identifying the irrelevant search query and targeting the search words that have the lowest ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale). That way, you can be sure that you rank for high-performing, relevant keywords that are more likely to bring conversion.

Make a good ad campaign:

The Amazon advertising scenario is changing rapidly. Hence, businesses are required to up their marketing efforts to execute an effective ad campaign. You will need to track several keywords for each product, make and maintain advertising campaigns and get granular control on your advertising groups for achieving increased sales.

Tip: You should bid on particular keywords and develop a separate PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign for every major product category. In every campaign, make more particular ad groups. The main idea behind creating such PPC campaigns basically is to attain specific goals within every ad group, sans spending a vast amount of money and time to optimize your ads.

A vigorous campaign structure makes sure that your advertisements meet the search intent of the customers. More essentially, it lets Amazon match your advertising campaigns with new consumer search terms.

Make online shopping easy:

Your top-most proposition, as a marketer, is convenience. The customers have little control over the info they have access to. Hence, it’s your responsibility to provide them with options that help make their shopping experience online more convenient.

Tip: Offer a wide variety of payment and delivery options to online shoppers, with an easy refund/return policy. As most customers are smartphone users, you should also make sure that your product information or description is well optimized for voice search and search engines. Below are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Keep your business contact info up-to-date
  • Display comprehensive product info
  • Explain your gift wrap service or gift messaging service (if available)
  • Segregate products based on the buyer intent
  • Keep your Amazon account management information current for payments

Market your products to the target customers and boost your sales

The unpredictable nature of the economy has made small and large-scale enterprises a little hesitant to try online marketing. For a few, Amazon Marketing Services is an unusual sphere that needs learning technicalities to initiate an advertising campaign and spending a massive amount of money. However, don’t be dissuaded.

With over 50% of your prospective customers starting their purchase journey through Amazon, hiring a reliable Amazon marketing agency for streamlining your e-commerce brand’s marketing efforts will be a good decision. With a reputed Amazon marketing agency like Auroinfo, you can enjoy several benefits of AMS with minimum investment.

Auroinfo’s Amazon marketing experts eliminate hurdles to ensure that you have access to all Amazon Marketing Services your business needs to succeed. They are well aware of what it takes to create an effective Amazon marketing campaign, how to optimize it, and ways for promoting your Amazon product listing on various platforms. We develop a marketing strategy that is backed by actual revenue. So why wait? Partner with Auroinfo for AMS and offer your customers an online shopping experience that’s beyond compare.