Know your unfollowers and chuck them out with these invaluable tools

Twitter presents a wonderful platform for business marketing and promotions, but it stands true only if you now to use it to its full potential. It is an indispensible tool for bloggers that enables them to reach out to target audience for their posts. Many new entrepreneurs tweet like amateurs and believe that mere following users will do the trick. Soon, they realize the hassle of all the noise of social media and how easy it is to get lost in the crowd.

Being heard on a social media platform like twitter takes some nerve. Even if you deny, the hard hitting truth is that being unfollowed on Twitter feels really bad and it definitely affects your online marketing efforts negatively. Loosing followers is tough, but it is also very important to know who all are not following your tweets and figure out the reason behind the same.

This article covers 5 tools that will not only help you track the unfollowers, but also helps you to introspect where you went wrong!

1. Friend or Follow:

Checking the list of your followers and visiting the accounts of each would work to know your unfollowers, but a cumbersome task. To save you from all the hassle, a user friendly web service can be used. It is called “Friends or Follow”. It is an ultra quick approach to keep a tab on people you follow on Twitter and who all are not following you back.

All you have to do is, simply enter your username and a list of thumbnails will be displayed showing your unfollowers on Twitter. Just hover over their pictures and remove them from the list as these are the people that are least likely to follow you in the future too. There is an option for you to search for any particular person by sorting the list by username, actual name, location etc. If you wish, you can even tweet about the same, though we believe that will probably be your last choice.

This service also generates a list of those followers that you hardly ever follow back. Another list can also be generated showing your followers that you choose to follow frequently.


The application was previously known as which started off as a simple Twitter unfollower tracker and has grown to be a very popular app. It helps you manage your instagram and twitter community. uses e-mail or tweet notifications to alert you about the unfollowers in your account. However, the notification service is optional and you will get it only when you set the settings like so. A user is required to sign in to the app to start getting the service. You can individually unfollow the people that have unfollowed you. There is a limit to the number of people you will unfollow in a two hour time window. The app asks you to become a member of their community and then the limit will be off you.

3. TwitterCounter:

TwitterCounter does not give you the exact details of unfollowers. It basically generates stats and data to enable you to gauge your Twitter presence.

As you are registered with the service, it will generate a line graph showing how the numbers of your followers look weekly, monthly or in a period of maximum three months. It also generates plots to check the same against the number of tweets you have sent. It is a good way to check whether the trend of having current followers is going up or down in a given period. Twitter counter also enables you to compare your stats with that of your competitors.

It is also said that this service comes with astrological benefits too, like how long it will take for your account to hit a certain number of followers! Try it and let us know too!

4. TweetDeck:

TweetDeck offers a more flexible Twitter experience for the user. It basically streams an easy interface where you can view multiple timelines. This enables you to manage multiple accounts effortlessly. The original purpose of the service was to provide a free standalone add-on for Twitter users. Later, it was purchased by twitter in 2011 and considered as an official Twitter application. It is capable of streaming from other social media platforms such as, Facebook, Google Buzz and Foursquare. There is no feature that will report you when a user unfollows an account, but you can set the settings to send you notifications when someone unfollows you.

5. TweetEffect:

Tweeteffects is a wonderful way to know the effectiveness of your tweets. It can actually help you see where you are going wrong with the texts that are putting your followers off. As you sign in to the service, it will display a list of your last two hundred tweets. You can very well judge their quality as you see a note next to each of them showing whether you have gained followers(highlighted in green) or lost some( highlighted in red) after the same.

It has been observed that in most of the cases, the followers are lost as one replies to others or engages in a group conversation with some followers. Others find it irrelevant or boring and then they choose to not follow you anymore. Although this service doesn’t come with a cent percent guarantee of the correctness of the results, it definitely gives you an idea to evaluate your thinking before you tweet.

In addition to all the above mentioned services, there are two more helpful services named Twunfollow and goodbyebuddy. Unfortunately, both the websites are down at the moment.


Twitter does play a role in branding as well as gauging your popularity as an individual. Yet, it cannot be considered as the sole parameter of one’s success in real life. The idea is to use it to your benefits and these tools will help you monitor the unfollowers to achieve the same.