Bend the traffic your way!

Running an online business seems like uphill task sometimes. It is quite likely that your presence go unnoticed amidst many business pages and profiles competing for the same traffic. You notice that the ‘likes’ hit by the users are not converting into “page views”, despite all your marketing efforts.

Following are a few pointers to follow if you are looking to boost your online marketing armor. You will be surprised to see how quickly they bring your targeted audience to your website.

1. Use of Infographics:

Curse our brain for it likes to see videos or pictures more than reading and understanding plain texts. This fact can actually work in favor of your brand. No wonder that visual content brings more traffic in comparison to a content that has only texts!

Here comes Infographics into the picture. What are they? Well, infographics are actually a fun way of conveying complex information with the help of cool graphics or images in less time.

How can brands benefit from Infographics?

Who doesn’t like simple information? Accept it! We all like to learn and understand a piece of information in a matter of seconds or minutes rather than hours. Infographics helps businesses generate quality traffic. Why? Read on to know more….

  1. Infographics are very shareable: It is very easy to share knowledge on any subject through Infographics. Invest your time or hire a good graphic designer to create real good infographics that can tell people what you have to sell. Both Facebook and Twitter allow users to share any post on their timeline. A creative and clever one will soon catch peoples’ attention and they will share it to multiple people in their circle. More people find it interesting and your infographics will be re-shared by many more people. This is why we often associate the word ‘Viral’” with infographics. The point is that your brand gets promoted across various social media platforms, drawing more visitors to your page.
  2. Infographics helps to brand your name.
    As people see your brand name on every piece of your infographic, chances of getting more people know your brand and share its name increases.
  3. Infographics draw more people’s attention as compared to non-visual content:
    As you provide embedded links in the graphics, probability of getting more referral traffic to your site increases by manyfolds.
  4. Infographics create sticky websites: Now which online business doesn’t want visitors to come to their site, spend time browsing through the different pages and keep them coming back for the relevant information. Infographics enable you to have a visual interaction with your customers and keep them engaged.
  5. Infographics are the best way to get more followers on social media. As you post infographics on various social media like pinterest, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc, you attract more followers for your brand. Infographics can actually make your information stand out in a sea of information.

2. Community building and participation on social media:

This has been a time tested mantra to build traffic on your site. As you engage in community, project yourself as an information hub for your business. Stay as interactive as possible with other users and offer valuable advice. This would help in building virtual relationships with your peers and leaders in your field. Be regular in the groups and try answering all the asked questions. Forward them to the relevant blogs for further information and never ever spam!

3. Build Meaningful Connections:

As you connect with the people in your field, you are more likely to get referral traffic to your website. These people can be bloggers or experts in your niche. Always remember that these relations are based on ‘give and take’. So, as you get referrals from them, you are also expected to return back the favor by referring their name to people.

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons:

Add social sharing buttons in your blogs and all online contents. If people like the matter, they can share it among their group of people then and there. Easy, isn’t it? Never forget to thank them for the share. This will enforce your relationship with the users. More shares in the future for sure!

5. Running social media contests:

Want to get people excited about your products? Well, who doesn’t like to hear Offers and Gifts? Contests on social media spread the reach of your brand. Hold contests and ask for participants to register for the same by providing mail ids and phone numbers. There you find a long mailing list of users. Reward your users with gift vouchers and coupons and they will keep checking your page for more. Your brand may get many recommendations from them as well as more future customers!