Android apps: Why so popular?

Of all the Smartphone users, you will see that a majority of them are using interesting and feature rich phones that come with useful apps to help them work with an ease. One can see innumerable brands selling Smart phones, Android and iOS being the most acceptable ones though. iOS is an expensive operating system and therefore mostly used by rich and famous people around, whereas, Android is a people’s favorite. Android phones come in sensible prices starting from the most expensive ones to the least. They are user friendly and come with pre-installed apps that do a number of tasks playing media, emailing, browsing, etc. It is no secret why Android phones sell like hot cakes all across the globe.

Android is Google’s answer to Apple’s iOS and it’s no wonder that Apple’s iOS has found a humongous competitor in Android. The success of Android is enormous and it surely has marveled the whole mobile industry. So, what makes Android apps so very popular and what reason can one give for this exceptional success? Obviously, it has a mass following in every part of the world. In fact, Android phones have taken over more than 3/4th of the market of Smart devices industry.

Owing to the fact that Android is an open source platform, and is available free of cost, its fame is augmented to greater heights. After all, who wouldn’t like to use a free OS or application? Android OS comes with Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be freely used in creating an app in an instantaneous implementation. Also, Android supports a less complicated development environment enabling developers to develop the apps and test them even before they are uploaded for downloads. This is why you can find a lot of Android Apps that are available for free while some can be bought at a reasonable price. Google Play Store has a multitude of apps available for Android systems and this explains why Android applications have a far better reach on audience than those on other platforms.

Android is affordable and flexible, which is why not only the customers, but it has also become a desired object of interest for developers. Android application development is fairly popular because of the fact that it can cater to both business and entertainment requirements at great competitive rates. Google has made Android an open source platform that allows developers to customize apps as per the client’s requirements. Here are a few reasons listed below on why Android is a developer’s favorite!

  • The first reason is the fact that the OS is owned by Google and therefore it supports all computing tasks.
  • There is no need to get into the hassle of licensing since it is free from every restriction
  • In case of any problem, a developer can always look up to the biggest community of programmers and developers for a solution.
  • Since Android is Linux based operating system, the apps have more strength and recital.
  • Developers enjoy the flexibility of minimizing time and efforts while the ongoing development process
  • What could be more appealing reason for any developer to pursue a career in Android app development that Android OS is available in more than 50% of Smart electronic devices enhancing business opportunities for people eyeing to get hold of mobile customers!

Google keeps updating Android to match up with the changing requirements and trends. App developers also have to design and develop the apps using Android so as to get their app uploaded to the Google Play Store. Android has features that enable the developers to port apps from other operating systems like Blackberry and iOS so as to alter them and develop cross platform apps that work on all devices. Android app development supports inter-application integration leaving enough scope for innovation that intrigues ace developers to create new applications. Another advantage of Android OS is that it allows a safe access to the source code that helps testers and security companies in auditing the apps and check the security flaws. This is an extremely useful feature that is absent in other applications. The beauty of Android apps is that they can be easily altered and customized to suit customer’s requirements.

 Android application development

Following are the 5 salient features to summarize all the aforesaid to understand why Android apps are so popular today!

  1. Android system has a mass following: There is a surge of Android device users all over the world. Android phones are affordable and thus have maximum mobile buyers. Android system offers more technical independence, greater security, interesting features and great quality; all at a very sensible price! All these benefits have made Android the most wanted application development environment.
  2. Regular new app launches and updates: Android phones are regularly updated and the users also get benefitted by the new launched apps. Updated and new apps not only keep them intrigued but also help them in their work.
  3. A variety of apps to choose from: Android users have a lot of options to choose from a variety of apps that are either free or available at a very affordable price. The Android OS gives them a chance to drag their most liked apps from the main menu to their home screen. This way they can use these frequently used apps at ease.
  4. Large number of free apps: Now, who doesn’t like using anything for free? There is a hoard of free Android apps that any user can download for free. Even those that come at a price have free versions for the users to check for functionality and performance. This flexibility of usage has made people go all gaga over the Android apps.
  5. Compatibility with other operating systems: Android apps can be easily altered and customized to become cross compatible and run on other devices too. This gives users a lot more options to choose from, to suit their requirements.