How Google AdWords Extension Can Spark Your Business

Google AdWords can upgrade your business in many lesser-known ways, once you’re aware of them. For instance, the AdWords extensions can increase the visibility of your ad by adding relevant information improving the quality of the same, as well as letting your ad emerge in the top search results without any extra charges. Wait, there’s more – all of this also might just increase your click-through rates (CTR) too! We say “might increase” coz if not used the right way, the ad extensions might decrease the CTR or even at times you might have to pay more for unnecessary traffic. Despite the risky CTR, implementing ad extension means more space will be occupied by your content in the search result page which means more traffic!

The best part of the automated extension is it comes to your rescue and creates an extension for your ad by pulling data from various sources with the Google Algorithm. Having said that, there’s also a downside, since it is all done automatically and you’ve no control over it, so you never know what’s actually displayed to the people.

Automatic AdWords Extensions

Google also offers manual AdWords extensions which can replace most of the auto-generated ones. Else, you can always opt out of any of the extensions explicitly.

Let’s dive deeper and learn about the various automated AdWords extensions that Google provides and how they’re better than auto-generated ones:

1. Location: In case your business needs people to come to visit you in person, or your service or business is limited to a specific locality, then Google’s algorithm adds automated location extension which displays your address and shows your location on Google Maps.

This is very helpful for small-scale local businesses, and if you want to change the location of your business, it’s better if you do it manually.
2. Seller Rating: This shows a combination of information and reviews along with a rating system based on 5 stars. All the information and ratings displayed are fetched from Google’s trusted review sources like Google Customer Review, Stella Service, etc. (For the whole list of sources click here)

If you have a good review then expect a higher traffic and since the rating isn’t clickable, you won’t be charged until someone clicks on any of the links shown in your ad.

3. Previous Visit: This extension shows the number of times you have visited a given website and the last time you visited the same. Not only does this help users find a specific link on a search result page, but also acts as a reminder of their experience from their previous visits. This extension shows up only if the user is logged into Google.

This is pretty useful if people have had a good experience, else you might wish to opt out of this. If your business, product, service or website has undergone a drastic transition, it’s better if you opt out of this. Again this extension isn’t clickable, hence no additional charges.

4. Call & Message: If your website indicates that your customers need to call you or send you a message then AdWords sets up an automated call and message extension. This displays your number if you’re on a desktop and a touch to call option or a touch to text option on your handset.

This process is better if done manually, as the number might not get updated on its own in case you change it.

5. Dynamic Callouts: This displays and highlights useful details regarding your service, product or business. Whether to display these callouts or not is your call and totally depends on what your ad is all about, although in most cases it’s profitable.

Since the extension is not clickable, so no extra charges.

6. Dynamic Sitelinks: This extension shows sub-links to your website depending on the search query and the popularity of the web pages, right below the main link featured in the ad.This is very useful (and important) as it simplifies the navigation process for the users by having direct links to specific pages.

Although you will be charged for each click on the sub-links, it’s worth it!

7. Consumer Ratings: The ratings shown by this extension are industry-specific ratings, based on different aspects specific to your website, on a scale of 10. These ratings are again collected from trusted Google sources.

Again, it’s up to you if you want to display this or not as a single negative rating might deprive you of several customers. There is a clickable “rating” link which shows additional ratings and you won’t be charged if anyone clicks here as the user won’t access your website.

8. Dynamic Structured Snippets: This extension is based on your page content. If Google’s algorithm finds information on your page as beneficial to boost your ad performance and traffic, then it displays it as a dynamically structured snippet.

This text isn’t clickable but often gets your more traffic without any extra fees.

Eventually, it can be assumed that Google AdWords extensions are advanced and therefore can increase your advertisement visibility as well as boost your business. And, if you’re wondering which one to opt for – manual or automated, it’s a choice that should resonate with your business profile.

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