How Manual AdWords Extension Can Empower Your Business

Having learned about automated ad extensions, it’ safe to say that automated extensions are not always the best to increase productivity. So, let us now explore the Manual Ad Extensions and see how it can make up for the cons of its automated counterpart.

Oh, by the way, a major advantage that manual Ad extensions provide over automated ones is you have the control over every tiny bit of information. But before exploring further be warned that Ad extensions won’t necessarily show up the moment you put up an Ad with manual extension configured for it.


Ad Ranks:

There are a few factors that determine if the ad extensions show up on your ad or not, the primary one being your ad rank. Now there are two ways of getting to the top, the easy way being biding more money on your ads. The harder and more effective way is improving the quality of your ads and creating a better experience, for users on both computer and smartphones.

Here’s a rundown on types of manual ad extensions:

1. App: With the rise of mobile empire this extension is a must for any website with an app. This extension basically gives a download link to the app store at the bottom of your ad. This extension can be used to show a specific app, depending on the query, if you have multiple apps that are available for download.

This extension is clickable, hence you will be charged if anyone used this extension to download your app.

2. Price: A comparatively new extension, released in 2016, and is available for both pc and mobile platform. If you are an e-commerce site or offer services that have a price card for each, it’s advisable to show the price per service or product depending on the query. In this way, you won’t attract unnecessary traffic to your website and get rid of the extra charges in your bill.

Also, be aware that you will be charged for every click if a user decides to check several products from this extension.

3. Callout: The callout extension is displayed below your text ad and generally consists of additional benefits that you offer. The catchier the phrase, the better the traffic. This extension allows you to add 2-6 such phrases and these can be updated anytime you want without even changing the complete ad!

The callout extension is also available in automated extensions, hence configuring this shall replace the automatically generated content with your content.

Well, this extension is a must-have to attract traffic without much to worry about any extra charges as this one hasn’t got any clickable links.

4. Site links: Similar to its automated counterpart, this extension provides direct links to specific web pages of your website. You can include two to six site inks at max and add a short description under each link to help out users. Do remember that, while you can see up to six site links on pc you get to see only four on your phones, so use it wisely.

These direct links, to specific pages of your website, and a part of your ad campaign, you will be charged for every click. Using this extension is advisable only if you are running a broad match keyword type ad.

5. Location: This extension is essential if you are looking forward to more in store traffic and is very useful for small to medium scale businesses.

There is a clickable link available in this extension which opens up Google Maps to show the route and again this service is chargeable.

6. Call & Message: This extension can be used for multiple purposes. Either you want to provide customer service using this or your business requires you to handle clients over a call, the possibilities are endless.

Please note to schedule the call extension during your business hours and prepare for the expected call traffic.

The message extension is similar too, except here you have to reply to text messages instead of calls. If the user is using a mobile device he is directed to the call or text app depending on the extension and you are charged for clicks on these as well.

So, the next time you’re wondering which one to choose amongst the extensions, you’d know the one that matches with your needs.

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