What is the Next Generation of Digital Marketing

Recently Digital Marketing has become dynamic and challenging, given the variable conditions in the digital space. Once upon a time, only attractive billboards at the top of the roof generally did all the work, but now thanks to technology this has also changed forever for good.

Not only has the medium of advertisements changed, but also the way they are created and the way they are perceived by the audience. The ideal way to increase sales is to be where your customers are and that’s not necessarily a physical place.

Marketing Strategies: Then and Now

Like every other marketing, the scope of digital marketing is constantly changing. Gone are those days, when print magazines and billboards were most sought-after. Previously, it was all about how companies are successful by putting their products out for display and how it would solve the consumers’ problems continuously. But, nowadays it is about to make the brands relatable to the consumers and not anymore around the idea that the consumer would like to buy a product just because it is displayed in a certain manner.

Companies every day are creating new ways to make people feel that they can’t do without their products. They, of course, want the customers to make their own choices and buy the products coz they’re missing out on life without them. According to a research by the ODM Group, over 70% of consumers consult social media before making a purchase. Generally, consumers want to know what others think first.

Below are the two strategies that are proven effective to sell your products in a subtler way:

  • Tell Stories: Millenials love reliving the moments from someone else’s experience, watching real-life scenarios or sharing content that’s both interesting, rare, shocking and moving at the same time. Therefore companies spend a lot of time and money building an organic consumer engagement that is sure to be rewarding in many ways. For example, Vicks India does a great job of promoting its products with storytelling. The brand incorporates videos into its social strategy, featuring humble and empowering stories from strangers, athletes, celebrities and also real-life heroes. This helps the audience to not only remember and come back for the same type of engagement but also help brands to connect on an emotional level.


  • Leverage reviews: There are a few reasons, why generally people believe in getting advice from strangers. According to a BrightLocal survey, around 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as the word of mouth. Therefore it is relevant to establish a channel for the reviews that you receive on all digital platforms as it shapes an authentic perception in the minds of the consumers about your brand.


Now, this is a trend that works every time for all marketing strategies – generating a buzz. Though there is always the key driver of authenticity associated with it, it also makes the real influencers popular and powerful through each passing time.

In order to increase audience engagement, embracing authenticity is a must. Brands that focus on just creating a false charade generally suffer an irreversible harm to their brand image as well as achieving the customer.

trust again. In order to create a genuine passion for your brand is by choosing the right personals to portray your product. According to Cisco, by 2021, 80% of online content will be video. But that necessarily doesn’t mean continued opportunities for YouTube influencers, but it is also likely that authenticity and charisma would be more profitable than ever.

How to leverage an authentic persona?

Measuring ROI with link/promo codes: One of the best ways to track influencers is by giving them tracking links or coupon codes. At the end of each month, you can track the number of sales attributed to the influencer.

Choosing a field expert: You need to be careful to find someone who has similar characteristics to your audience and everyone wants a credible opinion to feel related to a brand and buy. Around 82% of consumers are “highly likely” to follow the recommendation of a micro-influencer.

Digital Marketing Through Ages

The customer shopping experience needs to change as this is the first stage of delight and people generally like to feel appreciated all the time, so the strategies need to improve to keep up with the expectations of your current ones as well as stand out in the eyes of the potential customers.

Though the marketing process now indicates that the system of selling and buying is based on a flywheel. The old, funnel-like system seem to matter to customers before they buy anything as after the purchase they weren’t a priority to help with the company’s culture, customer service or marketing strategy. The flywheel system is based on the ability of the clients to give feedback at all times: before, during and after buying.

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