Smartphones Running on Android Pie are Facing Battery Issues

There have been a lot of excitement going on for Android Pie and was officially launched in August and came with a promise for an improved battery life for the smartphones. But since its launch, Reddit, Google Product Forum and Google Issue Tracker users have been complaining of the battery drain.

Though there have been a lot of reports about no visible improvement on battery life by the users, it seems that after three months of its release, the users are now experiencing a higher battery drain because of upgrading to Pie. Though Pie claimed of using the latest version of the software, it uses an AI-based feature called Adaptive Battery to increase the battery life. But now users are complaining about major battery drain.

But the problem is much more crucial than before. It doesn’t work like an on and off feature and according to VentureBeat, it was tested that the battery drained even faster when the feature was disabled. Another part of the issue is that the operating system isn’t accurately reporting how much of actual battery life is left on the device. The smartphones running on Android Pie shut down abruptly, even though the Android reports five percent battery life left.

It is also found that media apps have a major role in this issue. This would include the first party or third party apps for audio and video. Android restrictions are generally exempted on apps that still target older OS versions. This still doesn’t quite explain why users are seeing worse results with Pie than Oreo.

For now, maybe the update in the Play Store is expected to fix the issue to some extent and this means there needs to be something for the update on the media apps store.

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