How To Make An Endearing Website For Good Business

When it comes to customers, first impressions matter the most. According to statistics, a human mind takes seven seconds to decide if anything is interesting or not before leaving. And why not? After all, that’s what you do for yourself when a website holds your gaze, judging from its appearance if it is worthy of your trust. Now given the figures it may seem like an impossible task to create a website that impresses with the first glance, though in reality, it all lies in the basics. Remember, simplest things may be the hardest, but they are the best.

1. Design & Color:

It has been observed that websites with consistent margin and simplistic designs are preferred over websites with complex structures. Colors, on the other hand, are known to appeal to our eyes and subconscious and before we know it, we have already felt a million different things for that particular object. If you are walking along the street and at the same time a red bus is passing by, it is highly likely that the bus will catch your attention simply because of its stand-out color. Similarly, for your website to work well it is important to make the correct color choices that hugely contribute to the overall vibe of it. Colors like blue, green and purple instill confidence, trust, and coolness to the eyes of the customers while orange and red evokes strong emotions and give clarity to the website. Basically, the more people find your website attractive, the longer they are supposed to linger on your page, thus increasing the chances of converting them.

2. Graphics & Pictures:

Human brains are database machines that collect innumerable data in a minute by everything we see, touch, feel, taste, etc and thus quickly segregating each of them based on relevance. It has been observed that people choose graphic-rich websites as it makes them believe that the thoughts and hard work that went into the presentation of the website would also be reflected in the end product of the organization. In order to humanize your website, try to add more organic pictures rather than stock images that lowers the credibility of the organization forcing them to think if your services/products are real.

3. Responsiveness:

Nobody likes a website that requires a lot of effort by the visitors to navigate. From the right call-to-action buttons to descriptive sitemaps and providing breadcrumbs providing access to the landing page for the visitors anytime during their visit, your website should be both mobile-friendly as well as quick in response. Adding up interactive services like live-chat, live-bidding, etc can also build a stronger trust with the prospective customers and ensure their return to the website. Also, make sure to have testimonials and reviews each time a customer buys a product – many people refer to reviews before deciding on something.

4. Brevity:

The art of conveying clarity in minimum words generates organic leads. A concise menu, clear text, relevant order, helpdesk with contact details, and a layout based upon the ease of reading is all that a good website needs. Let your website be governed by relevant and regular blogs/articles that would bring traffic to it, whether or not the visitors are all positive converts. Posts on why a career in Nutrition and Dietetics have better opportunities in India is read by people all across the world, be it students or leading healthcare organizations. Don’t just spend all the time keep telling how amazing your services are.

5. Social Media:

Banking and Finance giants like VISA, American Express, Chase, Citi have the largest digital campaign on their official Facebook handles and will keep doing so because of its brand visibility. Now, when you’re a beginner you’ve to keep your social media game strong by doing regular updates about the latest blog post on your website, product update as well as drop details about digital events like giveaways, contests to keep the visitors anxious and engaged about your services.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

The widely misunderstood term in presentation industry, ‘wow’ doesn’t necessarily mean loud, on-the-face or big. Wise men say that subtlety is attained through time – extensive knowledge and research about related websites in the market, proper planning, and execution with the right experts in the field can bring about just that in your website.