What To Post This Holiday Season For Best Results


It’s almost November and 2019 is just around the corner! But before the holidays begin for the year, you need to analyse and cease the opportunity to give your audience the kind of posts they would want you to post. After all, it is during these times that online sales see the largest increase. According to last year’s report, online sales composed of over 20% of USD $690 Billion as surveyed by the National Retail Federation.

The key aspect of any business to bloom lies in the time and location of the sales. Especially in the retail industry, where your customers are in search of value, the journey of sales is like a myriad of touchpoints – be it online or real-time. Each of these customers is valuable as they spend more than 4% of their times in the store compared to the 10% more online.


Digital Marketing Ideas this Holiday Season
Digital Marketing Ideas this Holiday Season


In times like these, it is crucial to keep your marketing strategies on point for both online and offline promotions, since it would encourage lapsed customers to complete a purchase, as well as increase brand awareness and bring new users to the website.

Based on various recommendations to make the most of the holiday campaigns, here are few hacks you need to keep in mind while drafting your strategy for this holiday season:

  • Increase in CPMs: is a must during the holiday season as it is an established trend – with over 48% increase on all channels throughout the season starting right from October. With about 54% from Desktop and 52% from smartphones, these CPMs in the holiday season can mean conversion into sales and revenue because of the busyness in business during these times.
  • Using Relevant Campaigns to Draw Users: It has been found that prospecting media can trigger over 28% of an increase in November that contributed to a 25% progress in impressions volume. These campaigns can broaden your audience pools so with new visitors your site can also be retargeted with personalized ads later.
  • Making Mobile A Priority: Campaigns that are exclusively on mobiles earn over 81% increase in returns of their ad spend in November, as it delivered massive CTR rates throughout the season. Once this is combined with the Salesforce forecasts that can predict a large mobile traffic and orders to outpace desktop making it a must-do for your holiday strategy.
  • November and December are about Re-targeting: According to reports, November last year saw a retargeting spend increase of 97% month-over-month that led to an increase of up to 85% in sales and 80% boost in total revenue generated. And that’s not even all, with up to a 30% increase in spending from October to December, the consumers continue to purchase gifts leading up to last ship dates (between Dec. 20-22).
  • Cyber Monday and Black Friday are Crucial: Cyber Monday holds an important place when it comes to daily spend levels with up to more than 430% increase from the previous week, followed by Black Friday that witnessed up to 313% increase in daily spends last year. The total sales and revenue on both the days combined to approximately 5 times the average daily sales and revenue of the month leading up to the holiday.

At the end of the day, you need to realize that for every brand big and small, it lies in the way they are representing their brands to the customers. Learning from Adidas, Nike, and other major brands, it can provide you with insights about how to humanize the content, create stories that can go a long way in the conversion of leads to sales. Happy Holidays, everyone!