Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is a common term used in e-commerce marketing. It is the average rate of converting potential visitors to the site into regular, paying customers. A great way to enhance online revenue, the process is called conversion marketing optimization. This technique, further applied to Win Loss Analytics and Web Analytics, can be used for conversion optimization.

When it comes to customers, fluctuation is guaranteed. A steady growth in visitors helps make progress in revenue as well. Conversion tracking is important as it assists in increasing the number of leads converted and suggesting changes in the system of digital marketing. The whole idea behind this is to report website traffic and invent better, more effective ways to generate income and a reputed place in the global online market.

A major name in this field is Google Analytics. It helps track customer statistics and set future goals for lead conversion. Some terms related to conversion tracking have been explained below.

  1. Sessions- the number of times a website or a page has been visited. It does not denote the number of visitors as it includes repeated visits as well.
  2. Users- the number of people who have visited a page or website.
  3. Pageviews- This is the rate at which a particular page on a website is viewed.
  4. Pages/Session- This is calculated on an average rate. It is the figure which shows the number of pages visited during each session on an average.
  5. Average session duration- Similar to the above, this aspect is used to calculate the average time spent on each page during a session.
  6. Bounce rate- This refers to the amount of visitors who visit the page for a brief second before leaving almost immediately.
  7. New sessions- This is the percentage of people who are fresh users rather than regular visitors.

But what are the most effective ways of tracking the interaction on your website? While cost per conversion and value per visit are known methods of tracking clients, the most fail-safe ones have been listed below: